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"Leo move over, I can't fit on the couch with you lounging like that," I said eying Leo. "Fine," he said while getting up and moving over. I quickly plopped myself down before he changed his mind. "Thanks," I said leaning onto him. "Its kinda cold don't you think?" I asked him snuggling up closer to him. He looked down at me with a smirk on him face. "Ah ehem Leo?" I turned around and saw a young man standing in the door frame. He had dreamy hazel eyes, light tan skin, shaggy blond hair and pink kissable lips. Suddenly Leo got up and walked over to the guy with his cute embarrassed smile on his lips. Once he reached the guy he gave him a manly handshake and hug. I stood up and walked over until I was only a few feet away, smiling at the two.

"Tillie this is my brother Dillon," Leo said after the two separated. I stopped smiling and suddenly remembered something I wish I hadn't. I then had a flash back from many year ago when I was only eight…. "So, pumpkin pie, that's your grandma?" He smirked at the name and eying me with big hazel eyes. "No one calls me that except for my grandma ma," I said glaring at the ground, as I continued to walk down the long hall. "Oh really, pumpkin pie?" he said mocking the name even more. "Yep, really," I said popping the p. The rest of the time before the hunt, I spent trying to avoid Dillon as best as I could.

I then returned back to reality and noticed Geneen hugging her son tightly. While Leo was nowhere to be seen I decided to go and head back home. Though as I made my way to the door Geneen called out to me. "Tillie you aren't heading home are you? I though I'd make your favorite, Fettuccini and chicken breast," I stopped in my tracks and tuned around slowly. I really wanted to get away from Dillon though I could resist having the heavenly meal Mrs Palmer made. "Well if you insists," I said shrugging my shoulders. "You like fettuccini and chicken breast too?" Dillon asked me with his eyebrows raised. I looked at him though didn't answer for a few moments though luckily Geneen saved the day. "Yes its her favorite too, its quite funny actually," Said Geneen giggling at the end of her sentence. I didn't get what she was laughing at for a moment before it dawned on me; Geneen was implying it was Dillon's favorite dish too.

I decided to forgive Dillon seeing as it was when we were young. Leo and I had known each other for around nine years and were very close friends. You would think by this time I would have known his brother was the same annoying eleven year old I had met all those years ago. Though Dillon was always away with friends when I was over or out at parties. I assumed he was now in University as he was 20. I started to walk to the couch until I heard a deep voice call out my name, "Tillie, so you and my bro Leo ha?" I turned and looked at him comically. Had he really just implied that Leo and I were together? I started laughing until it turned into me having tears roll down my cheeks and my belly aching. He just stood there without any emotion on his face. "You though Leo and I where together?" He looked me straight in the eye this time, and I couldn't help but get a tingling sensation in my stomach. "Well you two were pretty close to each other when I came in," he stated. "That's just us kidding around, we do it all the time," I said while giggling a bit. He smiled and gestured for me to sit down on the couch. I did as I was told while he sat down next to me.

Suddenly Leo came down the stairs with the movie I am number four. He notices me and Dillon on the couch alone so he spoke up, "So you two want to watch I am number four?" he asked as we both looked up at him. I nodded while Dillon answered with sure. When he got down the stairs and over to the DVD player he placed it in and sat down in between us. The movie soon started as we watched.