Chapter 1: The Egg of Life

The sun was finally beginning to set over the horizon. Animals of the night were awakening from their slumber. The town was always foggy, which gave it the name Haze Town. It was placed in the middle of the country area and got all four seasons year round. For its small size, it was very nice.

Everyone in Haze Town basically knew one another, with the exception of tourists who came every once in a while to explore the crystal caves nearby. It was almost winter here, still lingering in fall with no snow yet on the ground and multi-colored leaves dropping from the trees more and more each year.

"This place is boring. When do we leave?" Jet complained, voice hitched by a yawn.

Jay rolled her eyes, pushing him lightly to the side as she made her way to the bathroom sink to wash her face. She decided to ignore her brother's question completely as she left the bathroom, looking around the small-sized bedroom. "Where's Rekel?" she asked instead.

It was rare that they stayed in a hotel or paid for a room like this. It was actually more of a small cabin, really. The walls and floors were made from a sandy wood besides the tile in the bathroom and kitchen. There were no abandoned houses or warehouses around to stay in like usual. Jay had previously suggested the caves, but Rekel was worried about being seen by tourists.

Jet shrugged. "Probably still sleeping," he answered, plopping down onto the comfortable bed. He closed his eyes and placed his hands behind his head. "You know how old people are; they need their beauty sleep or they'll lose their mind."

"I still have more of a mind than you."

Jet jumped in surprise as Rekel entered the room looking virtually unamused. "Oh, heh, hey. Didn't know you were there…" He grunted as a book bag was thrown onto his lap. It felt heavier than usual. "What's in here?"

"Your stuff," Rekel answered simply. "Among other necessities."

"Are we leaving tonight?" Jay asked as she was handed her own bag.

"You will be." Rekel turned away, ignoring the confused looks on the twins' faces. "Join me in the living room. We have things to discuss."

As Rekel left the room, Jay and Jet shot each other nervous glances. Jay waved for Jet to follow as she entered the living room, finding a chair to sit in across from the old vampire. Jet joined her, sitting and staring at Rekel expectantly.

Rekel sat back, his fingers entwining as they laid calmly in his lap. His expression gave way no signs of what he was about to discuss. "Something has come up. Something big." He shook his head. "But that's not important now."

"What are you talking about, old man?" Jet asked. He didn't like how vague Rekel was being.

"Now," Rekel interrupted, clearing his throat and glaring at the boring for calling him old, "you two have been with me ever since you were young. You've both grown immensely. I think it's time you leave and travel on your own. Well, with each other."

They stared at him. "What?"

"You want us to leave you? And do what—go where?" Jay asked incredulously.

"Why all of a sudden?" Jet added, equally shocked.

Rekel chuckled. "Settle down you two. You act like I'm asking you to drink from an infant. You'll go wherever you like, do as you please, start you own adventure. You need to learn on your own and fend for yourselves and now so much rely on me. Alright?" They opened their mouths to object, but once again he interrupted. "You don't have a choice."

Jay smiled, her nerves running high, but she managed to gulp them down before speaking. "Okay. I'm up for it. You?" she asked, turning to Jet who appeared to be calmer than her. In fact, he just looked excited.

"Yeah! When do we go?" he enthused, picking up the bag at his feet and slinging it over his shoulder.

Rekel stood and waved a hand to the door. "You can leave right now." Jay stood and walked with him and Jet to the door. Looking outside, the sun had already set and a chill ran through the air. A squirrel ran by and Jay watched it, suddenly realizing they hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

She turned and hugged the old vampire tightly. "We'll have to catch up again, right?"

Rekel laughed and patted her head like a child once he pulled away. "I'm sure we will. You're an honest half-blood with good morals. You'll do well out there." He smiled as she stepped back.

Jet stepped forward, a serious look on his face. Rekel returned the look. "Jet," Rekel spoke, nodding slightly in acknowledgement.

"Old man," Jet stiffly replied.

There was a tense moment of silence before Rekel smiled widely and put out a hand. Jet shook it, giving him a big hug and laughing some as he pulled away. "I'll miss you."

"I'm sure of it, boy. Listen, you're strong and you've got guts. You may be thick-headed and stubborn, but you'll do fine."

"I know," Jet grinned.

Rekel looked at them. These were the two he picked up when they were merely five and raised to now, the age of seventeen; the two he blooded from humans to half-vampires so they could keep up with him; the two he loved like children; the two he was letting go. But it had to be done, for more reasons than they knew. "I'm proud of you both," he said. "Be careful."

"We will," they answered in unison. "Bye!"

"Good-bye!" Rekel called as they walked away and into the distance. He watched them even after their forms long disappeared into the fog, a suddenly solemn expression on his face. "Good luck," he whispered. "May you make it through alive."


"Where do we go to first?" Jet asked after a few hours of walking aimlessly. "We can do whatever we want now."

Jay didn't answer him. He cocked his head and waved a hand in front of her face. "Well?" He raised an eyebrow. "What's up?"

Jay raised her head. "Don't you think Rekel was acting a little odd?"

"Not really, but what do you mean?" Jet asked, blinking slowly.

"I mean, he randomly just decided to let us leave? And he seemed nervous about something. I think there's something he wasn't telling us."

"He had to make us go eventually. I'm sure he thought about it before. He was probably just nervous about leaving us by ourselves." He slung an arm around his sister's shoulders. "It's all gonna be just fi—"

His last words were cut-off by the sound of a large explosion. It rumbled the ground below their feet and made them wince from the impact. It hadn't come from very far away.

"What was that?!" Jet exclaimed, looking to Jay to see if she was alright.

"It came from over that way," Jay said. She took one step forward before stopping.


"Huh?" She looked around, but the only ones around were her and Jet. Her brother looked dazed momentarily before snapping out of it. She shook her head as well. "Ah, c'mon," she said, motioning him along.

The site was oddly calm and neutral. The ground looked like it had been dug up and turned over by dozens of moles. There was no large hole in the ground or any sign that anything had crashed or exploded. They both felt a strong, almost overwhelming feeling. Everything else was just ominously normal other than the upturned ground, but even that wasn't very suspicious.

"This…is weird," Jay mumbled, almost afraid to speak much louder for reasons she couldn't explain.

Please step forward.

They both blinked and looked at one another. "You heard that too, right?" Jet asked. Jay nodded. "I guess we should just listen to it. Whatever it is." They took a cautious step towards the center of the clearing, both wary of a trap or an ambush.

"Who are you?" Jay asked when they felt they should come to a stand-still.

My story is a long and complicated one. I am a planet, the beginning and creator of all in existence. I am referred to by many names, but you may call me the Egg.

"A planet?" Jet echoed. "I don't believe you. Where are you hiding? How can we hear you?" He started looking at every branch and bush for someone hiding, playing a trick on them. He wouldn't be fooled.

This is not a trick, Jet. My form cannot be projected on Earth, so I am speaking to you through your thoughts which are being transferred from my own mind, a part of my power that just arrived; hence the quake you just experienced.

"If you're a planet, then how are you capable of thought?" Jay questioned. "And how do you know our names?"

I know everything, Jay. And that is another long story.

Jet crossed his arms defiantly, still not trusting this so-called Egg. "We've got time," he stated stubbornly.

I'm afraid you do not. I am the thing that holds life together. I keep time moving, maintain the laws of gravity, make an end to forever—I am the single order of the universe, of everything. However, I am dying.

"Alright, I'll play along," Jet started. "Why are you dying?"

A great evil has entered through the Stitch—a tear in the space-time continuum, a glitch created by all things malicious, evil, and dark in existence. This evil creature, a man, became warped as he went through the Stitch. He has entered into my universe, some place tucked between space and time, and has been infecting it with his evil. If this continues, if he remains here, I will shortly die.

"And why does this matter to us?" Jet drawled. Jay punched him in the arm to shut him up, shooting him a glare that told him he better be quiet from now on. He just tsk-ed and rubbed his sore arm.

It matters to you because if I die, everything in existence will die as well.

Jay shifted her weight onto her other foot, feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed by all this newfound information. The impact of the last statement spoken by the Egg left a shaky feeling in the pit of her stomach. This was all too serious. How could she be sure this information wasn't a trick, like Jet thought? A hoax? A lie? "What do you want us to do about it?" she decided to ask, keeping her suspicions to herself. "There has to be a reason you're telling us all this."

You're a smart girl, Jay. You are right. When I discovered that I was slowly beginning to die, in a last, desperate effort to save myself, I unleashed five special pieces of myself that spread across the cosmos and all landed here Earth. These pieces were bits of my very own powers, made up of the very Elements that helped create large parts of many planets. They were infused inside six different people on Earth at their births.

"Wait," Jay started before the Egg could go on. She was staring at the ground. It had to be the truth. It was almost too convoluted to make up. "You said there were only five pieces of your Elemental powers released, but six people received them. What does that mean? How does that work?"

There are only five different types of basic Elements of the universe: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Lightning. However, at birth, one Element was split into two. To be more specific—twins.

"Us," Jay and Jet confirmed together, suddenly realizing where the Egg was going with this. They could practically see the planet beaming at their knowledge.

That's correct.

"So if Jet and I got one Elemental power, who all got the others?" Jay asked. Everything was so confusing right now. She still had so many questions to ask.

I cannot be for sure. You will need to find them. However, you will know them instantly once you meet them.

"I thought you knew everything," Jet scoffed.

Nothing is perfect.

Before Jet could make another sarcastic comment that might get the Egg ticked off, Jay spoke again after quickly moving a hand over his mouth to keep him from saying anything more. "Why did you give us part of your power?"

I believe that you six will be able to use these powers to save me from dying, along with the rest of existence in return. Along, you six are merely creatures with special abilities, meaningless and even unstable. Together, you six are all-powerful. You six are the Keys. Once you are all together, you will know what to do and where to go.

"Wait, what? How?" Jet asked, moving Jay's hand away from his mouth so he could speak.

I have spent too much time here. I am growing weaker. I must leave. I wish you both luck on your journey.

"Wait!" they called to the sky.

"How do we know!?" Jet repeated. "Where do we go? How do we find the others?"

"How much time do we have left?" Jay shouted.

They received no answer.

"Gone," Jay sighed. She looked around in the darkness, unable to concentrate on a single object for more than a second or two before passing her gaze onto something else, finally settling it on Jet. "What do we do? Do we listen and look for those others?"

Jet frowned. "I…yeah. I think we should. The Egg's story may seem like a load, but…I feel like we should believe it."

Jay nodded slowly in agreement. "Yeah."

There was a moment of silence between them. Jay was trying to run through the past details of the previous conversation in her mind, searching for something they might of missed or any more information she could think of. Jet, however, was staring at his hands. She ignored him for a while as he stuck out his hands toward a tree, then kicked out his foot. It was when he slammed his hands on the ground when she finally decided to say something.

"What are you doing?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she was momentarily taken from her thoughts.

Jet looked at her with a look of frustration. "The Egg said we had some sort of Elemental powers, right? We never found out what our powers were or how to use them. I'm trying to figure it out!" He yelled out as he punched the tree. He paused in that position before yanking back his hand and wincing as the pain ran up his arm.

"I don't think you're going to figure it out punching trees," Jay pointed out skeptically.

Jet glared at her and sat down with a huff. "Don't you want to know what our powers are?"

Jay sat down on the ground next to him. "Of course." She held her head u by putting a hand to her chin and resting her elbow in the palm of her other hand. "There are five Elements: Fire, Earth, Lightning, Water, and Air." She studied the ground and picked up a nearby rock. She tossed it straight up into the air and concentrated. It fell uncharacteristically back down to the ground in front of her, turning over as if mocking her for her failure. "I don't think we have Earth," she stated nonchalantly.

"Alright." Jet pulled out a water bottle from the bag on his back and poured a puddle of it into the palm of his hand. He swished it around some before spilling it onto the ground. "Yeah, we're not Water either."

Jay stood up, brushing the dirt off her black pants, and looked to Jet. "Well, we're probably not going to figure it out just sitting around. We don't have time for that. I think we should just start our to the nearest town to search for the others."

Jet stood and picked a blade of grass off his shoe. "And how, exactly, do you suggest we do that?"

Jay shrugged. "I was thinking about winging it. It's not like we have any other choice, right?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Jet agreed, stretching out his muscles and cracking his back. He smirked at Jay, his excited expression from earlier returning at the thought of an adventure. He motioned for Jay to follow after him as he started back away from the clearing.

"C'mon, let's go save life."


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