So this poem was supposed to have a moral to it and was actually an assignment for my friend's English class. My friend wrote a poem and then I changed it up quite a bit myself. Hope you enjoy!


It was dark and stormy.
The windows rattled violently in the wind.
Even so, I ran out and embraced Papa.
His immense, rough hands stroked my long locks.
"Don't worry kiddo, I'll be back, I promise."
I felt smaller hands on my shoulders;
Mama pulled me away;
I saw the exhausted exasperation in her eyes,
Winced at the pained anger hidden there,
And stomached the horrific premonition.
I watched him drive away into the darkness;
I let him go.

Dawn broke to the ringing of a phone,
And Mama answered.
Too shocked to spill tears,
Her face went rigid, her hands shook slightly,
Her expression screamed regret.
The phone slipped from her fingers.
I should have listened to my gut,
Because Mother broke Papa's promise to me.

There is nothing she can say now, nothing she can do.
I held no hatred, feeling hollow inside.
As I watched her crumple, clutching her ringed finger,
I merely made a vow, to never become Mother.
To never feel what she did now,
To never throw away a chance,
To never be consumed by my emotions,
To never turn my back.
For it was too cruel of an existence, Fate.

A/N: Thanks for reading! Like you saw at the top of this page, my friend also contributed to this poem, therefore your reviews are to go to both me and my friend. (:

-Azrik and Friend