Darkness. Dreams. Light. Solitude. It's your life to live.

Ride of Her Dreams

She sat there with her notebook before her,
opened to an empty page.
Listening to soft tunes,
as she sat in the darkness.
She was at the very back,
of the rows upon rows of blue cushioned seats.
On a trip with no one else,
one might call her a lonely person.
Though there were easily over one hundred windows,
hers was the only one open,
allowing the pale daylight to spill into the dim.
Perhaps she was the only one who was still awake,
unable to let sleep take her
as she continued to feel a never ending loneliness.
She gazed through the cold, glass pane,
and without realizing, began to make a wish.
A wish for someone to come,
to save her from solitude.
She glanced to the side,
surprised by the feeling of a sudden presence.
There, seated next to her,
was a young man.
He asked, "Do you have a dream?"
She replied, "I wish I had someone to talk to."
He smiled, "I'm here, aren't I?"
She wanted him to stay with her.
She reached out, blinking once,
and when she opened her eyes,
she saw the ceiling, and her hand outstretched.
She didn't move,
not until she could no longer see,
her vision obstructed
by the river running from her eyes.
Silently she cried,
her arm covering her face.
The tears came until no more would come.
And that's when she decided,
she'd hesitate no longer.
It was her life to live.

A/N: Written on an airplane. Didn't quite turn out how I wanted, but I hope you enjoyed reading regardless. Thanks for dropping in!