Riven. My eyes can only see so much, before my eyes can see no more.

-Lost Connection-

A normal second, a normal minute, a normal day
And as quick as the exchange between dusk and dawn,
Time is reversed, bringing you to the very beginning.
Though I cry a warning to you,
All your senses show you noise;
Your ears are deaf to my pleading shouts.
Everything is chaos to the world
When really it is only birth repeating itself.
The lone difference: the hours are turning the wrong way.
I am the one who knows this truth,
Yet all I can do is watch
From the inner depths of your mind.

Your footing is lost before you even feel
The trembling and trembling of the quaking orb.
Like a starved beast, an abyss opens up,
Hunger apparent in its gaping black jaws,
As it implores to swallow everything above.
And like the hard, dry terrains
Baking beneath the merciless rays of that flaming star,
The task of splitting the earth is made easy.
Land and water riven by an unseen force
Unable to hinge on the core any longer,
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
The connection is lost;
And one by one, the pieces fall away.
Yet all I can do is watch
From the inner depths of your mind.

A/N: This was written for an English class. Some of you may have recognized a line from the poem The Second Coming by W. B. Yeats.
Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed!