Well this is my first story on fictionpress! Please, excuse some of my grammar.

I'm screwed. Two words, those were so true. I was screwed. My first interview for a job at a bank and I forgot I had to go to a movie my little sister wanted with my parents at four o'clock when I had my interview at four thirty! I mean seriously, who watches a movie on a Sunday?! Also,this is the only job that will pay me enough with my car and other bills I had! Bro, screw this I'm just going to have to tell my parents no. Yeah I know I didn't tell them about my interview.

Damn, I looked at my watch on my wrist and noticed it's three thirty and I'm dressed in a black blazer on top of a purple top with black pants. I sighed as I picked my long dark brown hair (up to under my breasts) into a ponytail. I saw my reflection in my mirror wondering if I had to put makeup or no. Anyway, I didn't have any spots, freckles, and/or pimples that I had to hid so what's the point. I stared at my tan skin and then at my brown eyes. I hate my body but, guys don't. Let me explain I have big breasts, but not too big I'm like a cup C. I also have a big ass, like the same size as J Lo's. I can't say I REALLY hate my body, I just don't like guys staring at it sometimes.

"Sofia, come on. Aren't you ready yet?!"

I came down the stairs seeing my mom and dad dressed in casual in comparison to me.

"Wait, why are you dressed in those clothes, if it's only a movie?" My dad looked at me with confusion.

"Yeah, why those clothes?" My mom joining in the conversation.

I sighed prepared for the worst. "I have a job interview for a bank called 'MegaTrust'."

I made an innocent smile hoping they won't go blasting off furiously.

"And why didn't you tell us this before?" Dad crossing his arms across his chest.

"Because you guys are very unfair I tried to get multiple jobs before, but you never let me! I mean what the hell is that?!"

"Don't use bad words to your father, that's very disrecpectful!"

"And when is this interview?"

"At four thirty, please can I just skip the movie? I'm not even interested in it!"

"Fine, but until when is this interview?" I gulped and looked straight at my mom and then my dad.

"I don't know, but I will surely call you right when it's done."

They both sighed, "Very well go, you're going to be late." I smiled and ran hugging them and went back to my room and get my phone from charging, getting a quick glance at myself in the mirror and ran downstairs. Getting right at the door and say a good bye then left.

I went through the driveway going into my car and started the ignition. Loving my car. It was pacific blue mini cooper. And you see why I need extra money. I turned on the radio hearing my favorite song cranking up the song.

Sometimes, I want to hurt my parents they're really unfair sometimes, but I still love them. My phone vibrated and I lowered the volume of the radio and answered.


"Sofi!!! Where are you?"

"Naty, I'm driving to my job interview, can you please not call me now?"

"But, but I have something really important to say!"

"Ok ok, what is it?"

"Ok, well you know your crush Devin, right?"

"Yeah… I wouldn't say crush, remember I said I just think he's cute."

"Yeah yeah, well he 'broke' up with Stacy and said he's looking for someone to go to the dance with! And I was thinking maybe he might ask you out!"

I was blushing. That prediction was leading to a fact that—would not ever happen.

You see that, I didn't even use never. Bold and clear. Devin for a fact is perfect, heck that's what his name means! He is very tan, like Taylor Lautner tan. He has dark brown hair which his curls at the ending tips drop top on his cheekbones. Eyes that –for real- make you cry. It's like watching milk chocolate melt in slow motion. He has teeth that are as white as snow. But, of course I ONLY think he's cute. I can't have crush on him because I'll go overboard with it and not be able to get straight A's and go to Boston University. And besides, he belongs with the popular group, not the nerdy-I-want-to-go-to-the-best-college-group. So that's the answer to the equation, and like as I say 'Boys only think with their dicks, not their brains'. And my parents would hate it if I bring a guy home or something; he'd kill me and the boy!

"Hello… earth to Sofia!"

I came back from my trance.

"Naty I love that you care for me, but he won't ever ask me out."

"Yes he will! You only say that because you think he never notices you, when he does! I mean out of the whole 'popular group' except for Devin, all of them put together, your still hoter than them! Sexier than them! Gorgeous-ier than them! For all I can say."

"Thanks for the compliment, but it's not like I can care and besides I have never talked to him before--"

"Ah, but see that's where your wrong sweetheart."

"Wait, what do you mean?" I turned left on the curb and parked in the parking lot of the bank taking out the key from ignition.

"You'll see soon, see you on Monday, babe."

"Wait, Naty--!" It got ended. I love Natalia, but sometimes I want to kill her. But I didn't understand why she said I'm gorgeous. Does she have a mirror? She's even prettier than me. With her long-up-to-waist-dark--chocolate-straight-hair, her nice light tanned skin. Hello its Miami baby, everyone is tan. Her gorgeous brown eyes. I'm surprised she doesn't have a boyfriend, I mean were juniors in high school, I'm an exception, I want a boyfriend after college, not before.

I walked up all the inside. The doors were glass with their logo of three men holding money. I stepped inside, it didn't seem so fancy the carpet was a solid blue color and the front desk was like a light wood color. I walked to the front desk to this old lady probably in the 50's.

"Um, hello I'm here for a job interview at four thirty."

She looked up drawing down her glasses and gave nice attitude.

"Your name?"

"Sofia Acasta."

Yep, I'm Hispanic and proud of it! My mom is Puerto Rican and my dad is Colombian.

"Ah yes—"she looked at the computer. " Here we go, yeah please sit down and wait. Someone will come out shortly."

"Ok thanks!" I said, smiling.

I sat in one of the brown leather chairs. It took long while. I was so nervous my stomach seemed like it was as twisted as the DNA you see in movies. I really wanted to—

"Sofia Acasta?" A lady walked out and asked for my name and when she saw she signaled me to come with her. She seemed like she was in her early 30's and had red lipstick on that complimented her blue eyes and light brown hair. She led me to a violet/blue room. She signaled me to sit on a chair and she sat on the one opposite side of me. Getting a pen and yellow writing pad. Only a desk of medium length, separating us.

"So, let's begin the interview, shall we?" She asked and I nodded. 'Remember to think before answering each question she asks.' I kept in mind and made it permanent.

"So, why would you want to work at a bank?"

I thought about and the reason came through right away.

"I would like to work at a bank because I'm fascinated with the way a bank functions and I enjoy meeting such a wide array of people from different backgrounds and social economic classes. I like knowing I am helping them."

She nodded and scribbled something down on the pad.

"And what are the highs and lows about your resume?"

"Well, one thing for sure is that this is the first job I wanted to apply for so I wouldn't have much experience in having a job in this kind of atmosphere. The high part would I've had very admirable grades ever since 5th grade, I've been in the Junior Honor society in middle school. So, I at least a nice background of education."

She continued writing on her pad and nodded.

"Ok, when you are not working, what do you do?"

"I usually look after my little sister, or study, maybe read."

"How much do you read, what do you read?"

"I read frequently, I usually read those kinds of romantic vampire novels. And it's usually when I go to a bookstore."

The lady stood and brought forth her hand. I stood up and shook it.

"Well Sofia, you'll be starting tomorrow being a clerk and you'll be handling money, but don't worry I just want to see how you work. You'll still have some training depends on how you work tomorrow, can I see you tomorrow at four o'clock in the afternoon?"

"Yes, yes thank you so much!" I smiled and she gave me a card.

"Call me if anything comes up. And since you are in high school right?"


"What's it called?"

"Um… Miami Garden Highschool."

"Oh I heard that school very excellent except most of the students there are trouble-making, delinquents. But, I can see you're not in that kind of group."

Now that brightened up my day very much.

"Thank-you very much I appreciate that."

I came out of the door and headed for the exit. The lady coming out with me.

"Oh wait, I'm sorry I didn't quite catch your name."

"It's Claire DeLune, but call me Claire." She said with a smile.

"Ok, bye see you tomorrow!"

I walked out and headed for my car. Opening the driver's door and sat down closing the door. I sighed. That went better than I expected. I started the car about to go reverse when my phone started vibrating I took hold of it and looked at the caller I.D. It was my dad. Damn. I looked at my watch and saw it wasn't that late really for the evening. Well, maybe. It was six o'clock. I sighed and picked the phone and once I did that I did a mistake.

"Where the hell are you!?" It was my dad. And. He. Was. Furious.

"I'm already finished with my interview, and I'm on my way home."

"No! You said you were going to call us right after it was done! And now look, I'm calling YOU!"

"Dad! Calm down I was going to call you right now anyway."

"Hmph, dinner is ready and I left you some. I see you at home." At there he cut off. What an annoying guy.

My parents are so fucking annoying that I feel like running away sometimes. They never listen! Never! It's like talking to a wall. Well, tomorrow is school so might as well eat dinner, get my clothes ready and sleep.

I got home. Went inside and went into the kitchen and grab some food. It was chicken soup.

I didn't take as much because I don't like it really. Once I was done I went to my mom and dad's room seeing them sleeping I sighed they are so annoying. I up to my room. I love my room it was dark blue(I know I got an obsession with that color) it had a balcony that if I ever wanted to sneak out I could climb down instead going through the front door of the house. And it had medium sized walk-in closet, and I had queen-sized bed. Just. For. Me. I got my forest green polo shirt and khaki pants for tomorrow and skipped studying there is no tests or homework to do for tomorrow I went to sleep. It was 10 p.m, so what the hell, might as well go to sleep. I was so prepared for what Naty had.

"WAKE UP!!!" I jumped out of bed. Startled by my dad screaming at me to wake up. He's so gentle. Isn't he? Just kidding. It was six thirty in the morning and school started at eight thirty. I got up and did my regular morning routine. I went to take a shower. Once I was done I got out, wrapped a towel around my towel. Dried myself off and placed my black bra on and then my blue underwear. I put on my polo and then my khaki pants. I combed and put it into a right side fishtail braid and placed two white bobby pins on the opposite side of the braid. I went to put my black dirtied converse on. I got my cabesa blue with its suede leather bottom. I went downstairs. It was seven forty, my dad was there and gave me my bottled water and my to-go sandwich. And I headed out the door.

"I love ya dad, bye!"

"Have fun, bye!"

I went out the door and started my car and went out the driveway. School wasn't that long to drive to. It was like five minutes really. I just like to get there early to homeroom so I can read.

I drank a little of my water and placed inside my bookbag. I got to school- home of the wannabes, nerds, the popular, and screwed up people. As soon as I saw Naty and she saw me she ran and literally knocked me down with her hug.

"Sooooofiiiiiiiiaaaaa! I missed ya babe!"

"How the hell could you have missed me? You called me multiple times, babe." It's so funny our nicknames. She let go of the hug. She made biggest smile I've ever see. I looked at her with confusion, and then it hit me. The conversation we had yesterday. She nodded, we had this telepathic thing we had going on. That's what you get with best friends who have known each other since 7th grade.

"Ok so what were you talking about yesterday? The whole Devin thing?"

"3rd period you'll see."

Seriously? (Ok before we continue, let me tell you something. In total we have a total of 8 periods. Four classes and four electives. Monday we have- 1, 3. Tuesday, 2, 4. Wednesday, 5, 6. Thursday 7, 8. Friday all of them. Now continue-). What did she have in mind this chick, let me tell you she has an imagination of a five year-old. A big imagination.

"No, come on tell m-"

"Helloo ladies!" Johnny my bestest friend since 6th grade.

We shrieked as he hugged us.

"Johnny, what's on it cutie?" I said with a smirk. He was a real cutie he had rustled caramel colored short hair but had a style like justin beibers' but better. He used to have a girlfriend, but she cheated on him. Caught her making out with another dude. He really didn't deserve that because he is really nice and funny. He was like one foot and half taller than me and I'm a 5'5. He had a nice light tanned skin and blue eyes that were like seeing the ocean glistening.

"Nothing much, except you FORGOT to call me during the weekend! I mean I felt left out, the only who called me was Natalia!" He said as he turned to her and placed his arm around her.

"Well, I'm sorry I mean there is a thing called my little sister and my crazy parents, and my job interview I had yesterday!"

"That still doesn't fix it." He gripped her tightly and pretended to cry.

"Aww come on Johnny, look if you want why not I treat you to a doughnut after school?" He LOVES doughnuts and I mean it he's like a huge fan of them.

He shot his head up and smiled brightly that was even brighter than the sun. I love his smile. And he jumped on me and gave me the tightest hug he could give me.

"Thank-you sugar cake!!" And gave me a kiss on the cheek. Told you he's a sweety.

I ruffled his hair and laughed. He was such a child- in a good way. The bell rang which meant we had to go to homeroom. The three of us had the same homeroom with Mr. B (A.K.A Mr. Beign). He is the nicest and funniest teacher I've ever had. He's also our first period biology teacher. I have all AP classes. Well, except my electives, those are just like, I guess you can say extracurricular classes. This was basically my whole schedule--


Period 1- AP Biology (Mr. Beign)

Period 2- AP History (Mrs. Travieso)

Period 3- AP Language Arts (Ms. Dorbua)

Period 4- AP Mathematics (Mr. Black)

Period 5- Creative Writing (Ms. Shepherd)

Period 6- Art Appreciation II (Ms. Cambeyro)

Period 7- P.E (Mr. Jackson)

Period 8- Home Ec ()

The only classes I have Natalia and Johnny are 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Basically almost all of them.

And i you're wondering I don't have any classes with Devin! Even though he has all AP classes too. But well people who do have AP don't always have the same schedule so it's like different with some others. Though, I'm just kidding I do have a class with him and that's home ec, but that's it. But I never hear him talk, well he does not when the teacher is demonstrating or talking like other people.

"Well shall we walk to homeroom all together, now?" Johnny offering his both arms to us to hold with ours.

"We shall!" Me and Naty said at the same time and clung to his arms.

We walked in homeroom and took our usual seats; Me in the middle, Johnny on the left, and Naty on the right.

I took a glance at my watch and it was eight thirty, just on time.

"Ok class let's begin!" I took out my supplies and started copying notes.


The bell rang and we switched to third period. I said my good-byes to Natalia and Johnny. During third period we had our lunch for half an hour at 12:30. I looked and it was 12:00. I got more nervous the more steps to language arts try see what might happen that Naty said about me and Devin.

As I kept on walking I crashed into someone and my binder fell and scattered papers were on the floor. And I had a major, hurtful head bump.

"Aw, crap what the hell, dude?!" As I looked up, I saw Devin looking at me with wide eyes and starting laughing. I blushed but not enough to be shown. He had the most brightening, addictive laugh.

"Really, I'm sorry I really should stop texting without looking up. He bent down to help me with my papers. He had the seductive, lustful, deep-but-not-too-deep voice I have ever heard. I wanted to talk more, but I was too shy.

"It's ok but that head bump was frapping hard."

" 'Frapping', why frapping, if you could say the real word?" he chuckled. Oh that chuckle.

"Because I have a little sister so I try not to say that word, and because I love strawberry frappucinos." He smiled. Bro, I felt like jumping.

"Heh, your interesting and funny, you know?"

I tried not to fall for that. Uh-uh, no-no, I need to not get carried away.

" Yeah whatever just don't let that happen again, and if you didn't walking is almost the same as driving you don't text while walking."

He widened his eye in surprised and then smirked, " Well then, good bye."

"Good bye." I walked all the way to third period when I sat down the bell rang again signaling us again to already be in class.

Then, Ms. Dorbua came in and said, "Alright class! Let's begin, put away your phones! Hey you two, stop with the flirting!"

I smirked it was stupid and funny how people think they need to show their love in front of others.

Damn! I mostly the thirty minutes we had in class thinking about Devin. I sighed, you see I told you about this. I headed through the cafeteria and saw Johnny and Natalia I ran toward them. They saw me and signaled me to sit down with them.

I sat down and took a huge breath and exhaled.

"Woah, I guess Ms. Dorbua pretty tough on you, huh?" Johnny asked and took a bite out of his sandwich. I took out my lunch from my bag and got out an apple, my bottle of water from earlier, and some pasta with a spoon. I began to dig in when Naty gave me a wink. I threw my spoon in my pasta.

"So that's what you did?!"

"What did she do?"

"I just arranged a meeting for her and Devin."

"No, one of the worst things you did for me! You know spent the thirty minutes in class thinking about that, I barely concentrated!"

"That was the point!"

Johnny elbowed me and gave me wink and a smirk. That frapping bastard.

"Johnny don't look at me unless you want to get murdered right here. Right now.

He stopped and glad he did.

It was after school and I already treated Johnny with the doughnut I promised. So I continued driving toward my house. I got home and found my mom and dad not here, only at work. My sister was in middle school but is in after care which is she goes to a classroom where there she waits for either my mom or dad. I wrote a note on a sticky note saying, "Might be coming at 9:15, don't wait up."

So I changed quickly and appropriately for my job today at the bank. Once I finished, I went down the stairs and went to my car.

I drove all the way and parked in the parking lot. I got inside and took a glance in my watch and saw it was four o'clock. Kind of early, but whatever.

I came greeted by Claire, "Sofia! Hello now you're going to start now so go behind the counter!"

I placed my stuff under the desk and greeted my first customer with a smile.

--4 hrs later—

My feet were getting a little tired from the standing. I checked my phone for a second to see if I got any messages and yeah…no I didn't.

A customer came in and I quickly placed my phone in my pocket and gave a smile until 5 guys came in wearing white jumpsuits and black masks holding guns. I was terrified.

"Drop your hands, and get on the floor!" Everyone did that except for me. I was too stunned. I couldn't move. Then they came forward to me forwarding the gun to my face.

"Open the damn desk!" He yelled and I hated when people outside my family yelled at me. I jumped out of the desk and tackled the guy. Then the rest of the group came surrounding me with even longer bigger except one that came from behind.

"Don't worry guys we'll take this and the money. Yo, Jamie!" He had a pretend voice more deeper and distorted.

"Yeah boss?"

"Do that little hypnotism of yours to these entire people ok, and destroy the cameras."

"Ok boss."

He ran to the first person he saw. Though he was pretty fast and lucky, because almost everyone had passed out.

One of the guys held me and proceeded me outside and into a white van. In the back section and the boss came in and closed the doors. The guy who proceeded me in the van came to the front on the wheel.

The rest of the guys came out running towards the car with a bag half filled with money. They went into the front and the car started and drove away.

I was so afraid my heart was beating rapidly and the boss placed blind over my eyes and tied up my hands.

He came close to my ears and whispered, "Don't you remember me, Sofia? Really I was surprised of what you did over there. Now, before you speak you should thank me because all of the guys wanted to shoot you and I stopped them. Besides, now that I've done that I know I didn't make any mistake, because you're so fricking mesmerizing, beautiful, and I so want to do you."

I gaped at him. He chuckled. Wait, I know that chuckle! That's—

"Devin?!" I asked I just wanted to make sure.

"Oh now you got it, maybe I should reward you for figuring the puzzle out."

He took that distorted voice now, and had his real voice. I couldn't see him, but I felt like he was smiling and drawing near me. The car started and we were moving along with it. I tried to push away, but then he grabbed me and my legs and pinned me down with such a force I couldn't move or struggle. He was frapping strong. There goes my idea to kick his battery.

I felt his breath on my face. He had such a nice breath. As he came even closer, closer that if he moved an inch more we could already be touching chest to chest. I inhaled his cologne. It was such a heavy, but it fit him. Then, he came closer and kissed me. I wanted to get out, but the grip was too tight, and there were sparks in this kiss my stomach turned into a huge know instead. Though, this kiss wasn't so forceful, it was little gentler filled with lust and want. In seconds I couldn't resist and fell for his trap.

He trailed down to my throat as I tried to take a breather. It felt so good. Then he started to loosen his grip and feeling me everywhere. He took off my blind and I could finally see. He still had his black mask on. I took it off and swished his hair right to left. He looked sexy, and I mean he put the –y in sex-y. He took off the rope taking hold of my hands and then my hands were free. I started taking hold of his throat and caressed his skin under his chin. He started to suck on the nape of my neck and I had gotten goose bumps. He chuckled. I moaned. I went on the skin under his ear caressed it and went all the way down to his throat gently and slowly. He let out a moan of pleasure.

Wait, what the hell was I doing? I opened my eyes and stopped he stopped too and his face looked confused. He went close to my ear.

"What happened, I thought you wanted to continue?" He got closer to me and I didn't think this was possible. I had goose bumps, and I had butterflies in my stomach. I pushed him away, but then a part of me felt bad and wanted more. But since it was just a part of me I flicked it away.

"I do, but I want to go home and I mean I don't want it to be in this."He and I looked around and saw a bunch of bags, carpet under us, and the two back doors with two small tinted windows.

"I'll take you on that one, but didn't you feel anything just a few seconds ago between us?"

I decided on that answer.

"No, not really."

He smirked, "You would say. And if you didn't feel anything then how come kissed me all the way to my throat, and got goose bumps?"

"Because I mean who wouldn't do that in their first kiss?"

"Oh, that was your first kiss?"

"Yeah, you dumbass! What did you think!?"

"Well, I just thought of how you looked and acted, you at least had your first kiss already."

"What did you by mean by acted?"

"Well you know, you basically took me away with the kisses you gave me."

I blushed at the compliment, but shooed that out of my head. I needed to get out of here.

"Please! I just want to go home!" He sighed and placed a hand on his head.


"W-wait, what time is it?"

He took out his phone and closed it and put away.

"It's 9:15, why?"

"Oh shit, because I told my parents I at least come at nine thirty! Where are we anyway?"

He giggled, "Were coming at my house." Oh. My. God. Did he just say what I think he said?

"Your house?"

"Yes, my house. Mi casa."

"Are your parents ok with that?"

"My parents are in brazil for the whole week. Leaving me alone for the whole week!"

I stared at him. I sort of wanted to laugh at his situation and his smile about it. Then, my phone vibrated. I took it out and checked the caller I.D. My mom.

"Who is it?"

"My mom."

I picked it up, "What's up mom?"

"Yeah, where are you?"

"I'm on my way to the house."

"Why did you put pressure on 'on my way'? Are you with a guy?"

"No reason, I was just driving and this guy cut me off on the road."

"Ok well-"

"I have to go mom bye, I love you."


I shut off the phone.

Devin toward the front and slid the door to opened to talk to the guys to leave us here.

When we got out of the car Devin sighed, "It is hot out here!" He signaled the guys to go and away they went.

"Maybe you should take off your jump suit, then."

He looked at me and turned then chuckled.

"Well ok only 'cause you said it." We were walking up his driveway, until his front porch.

He took off the jump suit leaving a white tank on his chest and black shorts up to his knees. He was beautiful.

"You want me to drive you back on my motorcycle?"

I shook my head from my other thoughts.


"You want me to drive you back on my motorcycle?"

"Well I need to go to my car so yeah I guess."

He smirked and took out his keys from his white jumpsuits' pocket and unlocked the door, into his house.

He held the door wide opened for me.

"Wanna come in?" He said with a smile.

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