'Run Alyssa, run! They are catching up to us!'

There were shouts from all sides, torches lighting up everywhere.

'There they are!' Some one cried out eagerly. The sound of footsteps and the lights get closer and closer.

'Faster, Alyssa, faster!' another young boy urged. They ran, tumbling over the grass, trampling over dead leaves, ducking under branches that blocked their path, trying to shake free of their pursuers.

The girl tripped and stumbled, as she picked up the hem of her long gown. 'Go! Go without me! I don't think I will make it,' Alyssa said urgently.

'No! I am not leaving you. Never!'

Alyssa shook her head smiling weakly, 'It's too late, Dom, I am too weak, I don't think I can make it. I will only hold you two back. Leave me here.'

'No! We will always be together, I am not leaving you here!'

Alyssa shook her head once more, her big green eyes showed no sign of hope and life in them. 'Please, Dom, go with Eryque and leave me here.'

'Eryque, take Alyssa and go. I will hold them back.'

There was a loud gasp, and Alyssa's eyes widened with shock. 'No! No! Dom, don't do it, you will be captured!' Alyssa said, shaking her head fervently.

'Eryque, go now! Before it's too late.'

Eryque looked torn between and then resolution was formed in his eyes. Eryque nodded, and he took Alyssa's hand.

'Be careful, Dom. We will see you at the other side,' Eryque said while Alyssa was struggling against Eryque' firm grip.

'No, Dom, no! Don't go! Please!' Alyssa pleaded, tears streaming down her stunning flawless face. Alyssa fought valiantly against Eryque, but to no avail.

The sound of footsteps getting louder by the second, there were shouts and seas of fire light up the whole forest.

'Eryque, now!'

Eryque gave a huge tug at Alyssa, forcing her to move. Before they ran away, Eryque said in a quiet tone, his face hidden in the shadows. 'I love you, Dom. Please be careful.'

Then Eryque grabbed Alyssa who was still crying, and they ran towards the depth of the forest. Soon, their shadows were swallowed by the darkness of the forest, the sound of their footsteps dimmed until there was nothing more.

And not a minute too soon, the townsfolk caught up, they were holding pitch forks and torch flames, forming a circle around their prey. Some of them had their dogs with them, and the dogs were barking their heads off, pulling against the leash, ready to attack any moment.

'We finally caught of you. You will be exorcised, and leave the town people in peace,' a middle-aged guy sneered.


There was a yell when the middle-aged guy was burned alive. The guy shrieked in pain as the flames engulfed his body, the other townsfolk were scared stiff.

They tried to put out the flames, but it was no use. The guy screamed and screamed while a loud chuckle echoed around the woods.

But then suddenly, the flames on his body disappeared, the guy flopped down to the ground on his knees groaning in pain. Scars and marks of burn shown evidently on his skin.

There was a murmur between the townsfolk then they separated to make way for a white hooded figure. 'It's the Angel, she's here,' someone muttered in the crowd.

'Fools, you guys are no match for him. You should have wait for me,' a low feminine musical voice spoke up.

The person lowered down the hood to show a beautiful girl with blond hair glowing around her, making her looked as if she was an angel.

The girl took a step forward, and laughed in a high note. 'Your magic don't work against me, vampire,' the girl smirked. 'Where are your friends?'

Silence followed after the statement. The girl seemed unperturbed, the grin still plastered on her face. Then she said softly, 'Abandon by your friends? Poor you.'

She raised her hands and began to chant her magic, her eyes unblinking as a circle of white light formed around her.

Suddenly, everything turned hazy, all ounce of strength slipped away. 'Thud.' A loud sound was heard.

'Tsk, tsk. Not as strong as you look, vampire. See, you are kneeling in front of me, trembling weakly,' the girl said sweetly.

Loud panting could be heard, the pain was excruciating, there was a loud groan.

'Bring him to the warehouse,' the girl commanded. 'I will deal with him there.'

The shadows of people moving around became blurry, the sounds of footsteps getting fader, everything was slipping away, leaving behind nothing, but darkness.

The first sight that greeted me was the darkness, life was beginning to flow inside me once more, waking me up from my deep slumber.

I was conscious of my surroundings, but I couldn't move. I lay there, waiting for more of my energy to return. Waiting.

I could hear the sound of insects crawling, smell the scent of damp soil around me. But my eyes felt heavy, I couldn't open them, I couldn't move my fingers, but I was awake.

Then, once more, I felt the strength slipping away, and sleep embraced me again. The murky darkness swallowed me once more.

'Wake up, Dominique. Wake up,' a gentle voice cooed.

Bright lights shone above, blinding everything, it was so different from the darkness.

There was a loud gasp, and then the sound of movement struggling against the bonds was heard.

'Where am I? Why am I here? What are you planning?!'

'So fierce, as expected from the leader of the vampires. I haven't properly introduced myself, have I? How rude of me? I am Clarissa,' the blond haired angel spoke sweetly, watching eagerly as her captive struggled against the bonds.

'You cannot escape, your vampire's powers are futile against me. I am stronger than you,' Clarissa said in her angelic voice.

'What do you want from me? Just exorcise me like you did with all the other vampires!'

Clarissa moved up close to her victim, caressing his cheek gently. 'I would if you were any other vampires. But you, you are different,' Clarissa purred, looking wistfully.

There was a loud snarl in which Clarissa simply laughed, unmoved by the action.

'I fall in love with you when I first saw you. I was enthralled by you, you looked so mesmerizing when I first saw you. That was when I met you in the market. But I had no idea you were a vampire,' Clarissa said, looking morose. 'But no matter, I still love you even though you are a vampire.'

'Hmph, if you think I will fall in love with you, you must be a fool! I will never love you! I already have someone I love!'

'If you agree to stay by my side, I will not exorcise you. But you must stay with me forever until I die. After I die, whatever you want to do is your liberty. So, what do you say?' Clarissa continued, ignoring the statement.


'Pity, pity,' Clarissa said in a voice full of regret. 'You will have made such a good husband. Oh well, if that's your choice, then so be it.'

Clarissa moved to a drawer and took out a vial of clear liquid, a smirk on her face as she walked up close.

'What game are you planning now?'

Clarissa unstopped the bottle, looking at ease. 'I can't bring myself to kill you. You are my first love after all. This is a potion that will make you sleep for a long long time, hiding your vampire powers in the process so the Angels wouldn't be able to detect you,' Clarissa smirked.

'Why don't you just kill me?'

'I can't. Or should I say I don't want to,' A devious look was in Clarissa's eyes. 'You should be grateful that so I am so mercy towards you.'

'After you drink this, you wouldn't wake up, and I can have you by my side forever,' Clarissa grinned

'You are crazy!'

'I am, but people often do crazy things when it comes to love,' Clarissa said, musingly.

'I sincerely hope that when you woke up, it will be a new era which vampires and humans can live together in peace,' Clarissa said softly as she tipped the potion into her captive's mouth.

The struggles become weaker and weaker, the vision became hazy once more, and the sound of Clarissa was barely inaudible.

But one last sentence was caught before sinking into oblivion once more.

'Goodnight, Dominique.'

Suddenly, my eyes flew open in shock, everything was dark around me. I gasped, and I flexed my fingers, although they felt sore and stiff, I could move them now.

I tried to sit up, but my head hit something. I tried to push whatever it was away, but I was still weak, very weak, and the thing didn't budge.

I tried to access my surroundings, and that was when I realized I am trapped in a box. Or a coffin, I should say judging the size of the box.

Fear was creeping up inside me, threatening to engulf me, but I could still control it.

I summoned whatever strength I had, and I pushed the lid with all my might. The wooden lid started to break, and sand was falling into the coffin.

I was encouraged by that and I pushed it harder and harder, until the lid broke. I scrabbled away the sand and soil which fall down upon me, trying to dig my way up.

The sand and soil covered all around me, but it didn't matter, I didn't need to breath. I scrabbled furiously, pushing away the sand, trying to clear a pathway.

And soon, I saw a glimmer in a distant, which spurred me even more. The hole became bigger and bigger, the light from the distant became brighter.

And soon, I managed to crawl out from the underground. I was so weak from my efforts that I sprawled on the ground, panting.

I looked up to the sky, muttering a quick thank you that fortunately it was evening, or else I would surely be burned to death.

Even though the sun was not fully set yet, it was not as deadly as in the afternoon.

I looked around and I saw trees around me, I wondered where I am, and how many years had passed.

My heart clenched in pain when I thought of Alyssa and Eryque, I wondered would I ever see them again.

A wave of nausea hit me, and that was when I realized I am starving. I had been sleeping for goodness knows how long, and I hadn't drunk blood for a long time. I craved for it.

I pushed myself up from the grass, trying to control the urge to slip into unconsciousness. I half stumbled and half limped across the woods. The sun was still quite bright, and it hurt, I needed to find a place to hide.

And when night time arrived, I would hunt for my next prey.


'Sir! Sir! Red alert! Red alert!' A golden haired boy tumbled into the room, clutching his chest, breathing heavily.

'Calm down, Rhapsodos. I know about it,' a forty year old man was pacing around the room.

'Sir, what should we do about it then? I could sense it, a vampire is in the country! How could the vampire breached the barrier? Sir!' Rhapsodos said urgently as he walked up to his master.

'Be quiet, this is a serious business. Let me think about it,' Master Angelic said sharply. There was a moment of silence which Rhapsodos fidgeted, unable to stand quietly.

Rhapsodos was so filled with excitement, it was his deepest desire to hunt down a vampire. And yet, it was said that vampires were extinct in this place, no vampires ever dared crossed here.

But now, Rhapsodos could sense it, a vampire was here, this could be his chance.

'Yes, yes,' Master Angelic spoke up after thinking for a while. 'This is for the best. I will call for a meeting for all Angels.'

'Sir, you mean we are going to hunt down this vampire?' Rhapsodos whispered, excited.

'Of course, no vampire is able to walk free on this land. We will exorcise this vampire once and for all,' Master Angelic said, his eyes twinkling. 'Rhapsodos, ring up all the Angels. It wouldn't take a lot of time. We must attend to this business immediately.'

Rhapsodos bowed deeply and said, 'yes, Sir. I will do as you wish.'

As the doors closed behind him, Master Angelic's lips curled. 'Oh, vampire, I couldn't wait to meet you. You have no idea how I long to meet you.' Master Angelic looked out from the window as the sun sunk lower and lower in the crimson red backdrop.


It was a sea of fire, there were screams and shouts everywhere. Tiffany was surrounded by fire everywhere, there was no escape route. Suddenly the door burst open, Michael hurried over and grabbed Tiffany.

Michael grabbed a wet blanket and wrapped it around them. Both of them fled down the stairs, everywhere was filled with flame and black smoke. Tiffany choked as the soot and smoke got into her nose, then suddenly she felt a push from behind. Tiffany landed on the pavement, but as she looked back, there was no sight of her brother. 'Brother! Brother! No! NO!!!!'

Tiffany leapt up from her bed, gasping for air. Tiffany's hand flew to her chest, clutching it as it throbbed painfully. Beads of sweat were on her forehead, and tears were fighting their way out from Tiffany's eyes.

Silently, Tiffany sobbed into her hands as she thought of the dream. It had been six months, but still, the memory was still as vivid as ever. As if it all happened just yesterday.

After a while, the tears subsided. Tiffany walked towards the mirror and glanced into it, she looked a horrible sight. Her hair was messy and stuck up at odd angles, her eyes were blood shot, her face was pale and sick looking.

With trembling hands, Tiffany grabbed a comb and started to brush her hair, trying to make herself as presentable as possible before going down for dinner. At the thought of Michael, Tiffany couldn't help but tear up again.

Tiffany loved Michael with all her heart, he was someone who was very important to her. And yet, because of her, Michael was now… Tiffany took a deep breath trying to clear her head of the sad memories.

Tiffany tucked a loose strand into place, then after one last look in the mirror, she walked out from her bedroom.

When Tiffany walked into the dining room, her stepmother, Sarah was laying out dinner on the table. 'Evening, Sarah,' Tiffany smiled at her stepmother.

Sarah ignored Tiffany, and continued to lay out dinner. Tiffany's smile faltered and tried her best to not let the disappointed expression showed on her face as she sat down on her chair.

Then there was the sound of footsteps bounding down the stairs, and Tiffany's stepbrother, Stephan popped his head in. 'Evening, mother, Tiffany,' Stephan sneered at the last word.

Tiffany couldn't help suppressing a shudder when she saw Stephan. Tiffany smiled weakly at Stephan while her whole body trembled in fear.

Stephan smirked when he saw that, and took his seat, his eyes never leaving Tiffany.

It was a subdue group that sat down to dinner, there was no conversation just the occasional sound of cutlery against the plates.

Sarah stood up and put her plates down to the sink, 'I am going out with your father tonight. Remember to clean up the dishes, Tiffany. Goodbye, Stephan.' Sarah smiled sweetly at Stephan and ruffled his hair while Stephan looked disgruntled. Sarah ignored Tiffany as usual except when it came to chores.

As Sarah waltzed away, Tiffany pushed back her chair and walked towards the sink. Tiffany tried to ignore the probing stares by her stepbrother although her heartbeat increased as she felt the tension in the room grew warmer.

There was the sound of chair scraping against the floor, then the sound of footsteps nearing her. Tiffany tried to control her hand from shaking when she felt Stephan behind her.

Suddenly, Stephan wrapped his arms around Tiffany's waist and whispered into her ear. 'Hello, Tiffany.'

'Can you please release me? I am trying to wash the plates,' Tiffany said nervously, flinching as she felt Stephan touching her.

Stephan smirked and merely said, 'So, what is your answer to my last request?' Stephan slowly turned Tiffany around to face him.

Tiffany lowered her head, not daring to meet his gaze. 'I-I-I can't, I am sorry,' Tiffany stammered.

'You can't or you wouldn't?' Stephan's eyes flashed menacingly. 'I am serious about you, Tiffany, I love you! Girls are practically lining up to go out with me, so why not you?' Stephan asked in a heated tone.

'I-' Tiffany took a deep breath and poured out the words in a rush. 'I am sorry, but I don't like you that way. Besides it's weird for us who are brothers and sisters.'

'We are not bonded by blood, so it's okay,' Stephan snapped, his grip around Tiffany tightened.

'I am sorry,' Tiffany said, her face still facing the floor.

Stephan looked furious, he opened his mouth a few times but no words came out. And then, Stephan released Tiffany and muttered darkly under his breath.

Tiffany breathed in relief when Stephan released her.

Then Stephan said something that made Tiffany's heart nearly stopped beating. 'So, it's okay to love your own brother then?'

Tiffany's head snapped up and met the gaze of Stephan's malicious stares.

'What-what do you mean?' Tiffany said, her heart beating madly.

Stephan smirked, 'You thought that I don't know about your dark secret? About what you really felt for your dead brother?'

There was a sharp intake of breath from Tiffany, what did Stephan meant? Did Stephan really found out or was he just baiting her?

'I-I don't know what you meant,' Tiffany said, her voice trembling.

'Really?' Stephan asked as he slowly edged towards her.

Tiffany tried to not look too guilty. 'I really don't know what you are talking about,' Tiffany said, as she broke away the gaze.

Stephan was about to say some more when there was the sound of a car pulling up the gravel pathway. It was her father's car.

Stephan paused in his steps, then he said, 'Well, we will continue this conversation another day. Farewell, sis.'

Stephan exited the dining room with a smug smirk on his face.

As soon as Stephan was out from sight, Tiffany's knees gave way and she crumpled down to the floor.

Tiffany's heart was pounding painfully against her ribs, her breathing became heavy. How did Stephan knew of her secret? Like Stephan said, it was her dark secret.

Suddenly the slammed of the door broke Tiffany's thoughts, she stood up hastily and turned her attention to the dish filled sink. Tiffany began to wash the plates with a sinking feeling in her stomach.

After Tiffany had finished, she wiped her hands on the towel nearby as her thoughts flickered over to what Stephan had said. 'I know about how you really felt for your dead brother.'

There was the sound of the door closing, her father must be going out with Sarah. Tiffany gave a sigh and started to walk towards her bedroom.

But then on second thought, Tiffany paused at the stairs, maybe a walk around the park could help cleared her head.

It's also better than being in the same house alone with Stephan, Tiffany gave a shudder when she thought of that.

When Tiffany opened the front door, a gust of cold wind greeted her. Tiffany breathed in deeply the clean and heavenly smelling spring air.

Tiffany made her way to the park, smiling and waving at the neighbors as she passed them. Everyone looked so happy, it was a Saturday night and the weather was perfect.

But the happy atmosphere didn't made Tiffany felt better, in fact she felt worse. Tiffany knew that her father didn't like her, and he wouldn't even talk to her. Sarah hated her, Sarah treated Tiffany as a servant and ignored her all the time as if she didn't exist.

Stephan, at first Tiffany thought that there was someone in the house that clearly cared about her. But Stephan had ulterior motives, Tiffany's heart clenched painfully as she thought of that.

Stephan loved Tiffany more than a sister, and two days ago, Stephan confessed to Tiffany. Tiffany was avoided from answering by asking him to let her thought about it.

Unbeknown to Tiffany, she had already arrived at the park. Tiffany walked towards her favorite bench enjoying the night breeze. There were still a couple of people strolling about in the park, everyone in the neighborhood loved to spend their time here.

Tiffany sat there, staring at the happy faces of her neighbors, enjoying their time as one big family. Tiffany felt the tears welling up in her eyes, she used to have that enjoyable life as well, but all of it was taken away from her when her mother and brother passed away.

Tiffany lifted her head and stared at the sky, suddenly she saw a comet passed in the sky. Tiffany quickly clasped her fingers together as she made a wish. Tiffany's mother taught her that, and she could still remember her words as if she was just right here with her.

'Tiffany, when you see a shooting star, quickly make a wish and your wish will come true.'

Tiffany prayed in her heart fervently, please, she wished that someone could come and take her away from her sad life, and then she could start a new happy life, wiping away all the dark memories.

Suddenly there was a rustling sound from the bush behind Tiffany. Tiffany snapped to attention when she heard that. Tiffany stood up, she slowly backed away from the bush.

To Tiffany's horror, there was no one in the park, she was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't realize everyone had gone back.

Tiffany's imagination began to run wild. Could it be thieves or even worst, Tiffany's heart sank as she thought of that, could it be a rapist?

Tiffany's heart was caught in her throat as she stammered 'Wh-who's there?'

Although her heart was screaming from her to run away, Tiffany found herself rooted to the spot. Suddenly something shoot past Tiffany, it was so fast that all Tiffany could see was a blur.

Then Tiffany felt someone clapping a hand over her mouth, and a low voice spoke up, 'Don't make a sound. I will make this quick.'

Tiffany felt a sharp stab of pain as something pierced her neck. Tiffany was frozen with shock and horror when she realized what was happening. The stranger was drinking her blood! Tiffany could hear the sound of blood gulping down the stranger's throat, a trickle of blood made its way down Tiffany's neck.

Tiffany couldn't scream, the voice died in her throat. Tiffany was petrified with shock. Tiffany tried to struggle, but to no avail, her captive's grip on her was too strong.

Gradually, Tiffany felt her strength slipping away, as she got weaker and weaker. Am I going to die, Tiffany thought as she felt her vision fading. Maybe… Maybe this was not too bad, after all, there was nothing left for her to look forward to in life after all.

Then, to Tiffany's surprise, the hold over her slackened and she heard something fell down with a thud on the floor.

Tiffany spun around and an amazing sight greeted her. A guy who looked as if he was in his early twenties was lying there on the floor. The guy had curly black hair, and he looked very handsome under the moonlight.

He was dressed in clothes that seemed to come out from Tiffany's history book. Then slowly, Tiffany's gaze moved towards the guy's lips.

Tiffany gasped when she saw the sharp fangs in the guy's mouth, the fangs was still dripping with blood, her blood.

Tiffany pinched herself hard, it hurt, so she definitely wasn't dreaming.

Then, Tiffany's hand flew to where the guy had bit there, she could felt two punctured holes there. It couldn't be, there's no way this was possible. Vampires existed in this world? Tiffany's mouth was gaping with shock. Was it possible?

The guy moaned and stirred slightly, and that was when Tiffany's senses kicked in. What was she doing, why was she still here? She should run away immediately before this stranger woke up, if he did, goodness knows what he might did to her.

That was when Tiffany started running, her hair flying in the breeze. Tiffany ran and ran, never looking back to see if the stranger gave chase.

Finally, Tiffany reached home, gasping for air as she sat down at the steps of her front porch, catching her breath. Tiffany was a good runner in school, so this was nothing for her. But still, it had been a while since she ran.

Tiffany opened the door and slipped into the bedroom locking the door. There seemed to be nobody at home, the whole house was in total silence.

Tiffany walked towards the bathroom as she wanted to brush her teeth. After today's 'excitement', Tiffany decided that she needed a good rest.

As much as Tiffany found it hard to believe that vampires existed, she saw one with her own eyes. Tiffany thought about her weird encounter with the guy as she brushed her teeth. And the longer Tiffany thought about it, she found it harder to believe.

Tiffany still remembered her assailant's looks. Her assailant was breathtaking and Tiffany would have most certainly fallen for him if he wasn't drinking her blood earlier.

Tiffany's brows furrowed as she remembered her assailant's clothes, his clothes seemed to be different from this century. Tiffany stepped out from the bathroom, and walked towards her closet as she fished out a pajama.

As Tiffany took off her shirt, she saw an astounding sight that made her gasped. At her forearm was a crimson color crescent shape tattoo. It was never there before.

Tiffany rushed to the mirror and took a good look at it, fingering it. As Tiffany stared at the crescent, her heart was thumping madly, she wondered was her wish for a different life coming true?