*19 *


Jonnop took another puff out of his cigarette, bathing in the delightful and addictive taste of nicotine and shit. He gassed out the car until it was entirely hazed up, and then lowered the cigarette to his lap, gazing out of his window with his still good blue eye instead of his feeble purple one. It had just turned three o'clock. That was the time when they usually came out. "They should be out any moment now..."

And as if on cue, the bell rang reverberatingly, which was the signal for the school rush. A parent was already leaving, hand in hand with a small plump boy eating a chocolate ice cream, spilling it down his school shirt. They were followed by a different parent pushing a baby blue buggy and talking to a fragile little girl who had bunches in her hair. "Lucky bitch..." Jonnop thought, taking another blow of his ciggie.

He waited for about fifthteen minutes, watching various forms of children waddling out side-by-side one-by-one with a spoiling parent, allowing their kids to do whatever they wanted to. All parents were like that, Jonnop was even like that. Every parent just wanted the best for their child because they were they're little schmuckums.

He rested there, child watching for about twenty minutes, and then humbly smiled, seeing a little ginger girl, with a pink rack-sack saddled on her back, stroll out from the two iron, green-painted gates all alone, waiting for her mother. He slid his hand underneath his steering wheel, sliding out the documents a friend of a friend printed off for him.

"Isabella Stubbs..." He mumbled to himself, seeing the picture of the exact same girl but with a different outfit. "Six years old, originally from Cali, but moved to New York, Queens in 2009. Daughter of Sue Stubbs, single mother, works at New York tourist centre. Divorced and single." He pondered his eyes back over towards the kid, and then couldn't help but smirk. He then opened up the car's hand-luggage compartment in the passenger seat and got out a longish black wig, a pair of shades, and a small black JustDoIt bag. "Sorry Sue..." Jonnop thought opening his car door and watching the surge of smoke just fall out into the air. "You ain't pick'in up this kid today."

Jonnop crossed over to the little ginger frizzy girl, pulling off the biggest, cheesiest smile he could. "Hi there Isabella!" He greeted with enthusiasm and a child-friendly tone. "I'm here to pick you up. Sue- I mean, your mom asked me to pick you up, she's coming home from work a little late." He could already see by little Isabella's face that she was unsure about it, no doubt thinking, "Stranger Danger, Stranger Danger."

"Sorry, where are my manners... your oblivious to who I am right? Well, I'm your mom's new boyfriend. Well, I can't really call myself that yet, since it's only been about a week. But, you never know, I could be your new daddy." Jonnop covered his mouth and forced an over-exaggerated gasp. "Oops, said that too early I think!" He beamed down to the little red-head, who now only had half a smile emerging.

"So, how's about I drive you to the tourist centre, your beautiful ma's waiting..." Isabella nodded speedily, her hair bouncing to-and-fro off her shoulders. Jonnop guided Isabella around the corner, down the steps and under the bridge, just by Bycrecent alley. He only took her here since he took out the security cameras earlier, and it was just under the bridge of where the road rage and rough-rousing tended to take place, so they would be unheard of with what they were doing.

Isabella began skipping down the alleyway, becoming slightly more comfortable around Jonnop, and able to actually smile fully up to him. "Big mistake little girl..." He thought, smiling away fallaciously, but now shoving his hand into his leather coat pocket.

"Hey, Isabella." He called, causing her to turn around chirpily. "Knock knock." He almost whispered, chuckling with her false tomfoolery.

"Who's there?" Isabella giggled with her high innocent six year old voice.

Jonnop grinned away. "Gotch."

"Gotch who?" Isabella asked, her little giggle echoing down the alley and her white teeth shinning in Jonnops dull eyes. Jonnop pulled out his pistol and fired it between her eyes so rapidly that little Isabella didn't even have time to shriek. Jonnop was slightly thwarted in himself about that...

She fell to the ground like a ton of bricks, her head cracking against the concrete and being scratched by lonely pebbles. Jonnop mooched over to Isabella merrily, rolling her corpse over and looking into her now panic-filled eyes, whilst brushing away her blood stained hair. "Not that it makes much of a difference in a gingers hair," Jonnop teased.

Jonnop flicked his black wig hair out of his eyes and took out another cigarette, lighting it swiftly, puffing it once, blowing the white smoke in Isabella's direction, and then burning it against her fair skinned face ferociously."Gotch ya..." he said indistinctly, feeling pride and thrill as he moseyed back to his car.


A.N. So, I'm a big big big big big big big big fan of James Patterson, who writes thriller novels like the Alex cross series, or The Detective Bennet series, which is crime, detective, thriller, etc. And I just really wanted a go at writing in his sort of style, so R&R please, and I'll try and write more when I'm not doing stuff for exams -__-

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