There was a droned recognisable buzzing sound to the right of my head, vibrating against the wood of my bedside table. I sent my weighty arm out after it, and it lazily thumped itself up and down like a Neanderthals wooden bat probably would. It eventually slapped the alarm, and changed its annoying robotic chime to the more peaceful sound of the song 'for the first time' By the Play, or script or something like that. I'd heard Tiff playing that song on her guitar not too long ago, must've been some band she liked...

I leisurely sat up in place and pushed my arms outwards, making a groaning noise as I did so. I slapped my chops about, tasting that familiar zing of alcohol after a late night with the family, and smelt my armpits, checking to see if I needed a shower. It wasn't that bad. When asking myself about whether to wash my fat arse or not, I heard my lovely sweetheart behind me, imitating the exact same groaning sound I had done not too long ago. I turned my head around, and grinned down to beautiful Bree, leaning down and kissing her forehead.

"Go back to sleep honey, it's six in the morning." I said, stroking her long silky blonde hair down her back. Her eyelids rose up slowly, and I caught the blue sparkle in her eye. She smiled up to me dozily, already wiping her eyes, and bracing herself to hop out of bed. She sat up, and shook her head about for a while, then turning her eyes to me, and grinning away.

"Yeah, like I'm gonna let you make your own breakfast..." She replied leaning over and giving me a full on French one. I love my Bree. We had been married for just over twenty one years now, and she was still her same, sex-God self. I don't think I could really say the same about myself, but still, she was worth the mentioning. Her and her sexy American accent. So much better than my snooty English one.

"I could make myself cereal?" I suggested, getting a little titter from her humble heartening voice.

"Hell! You'd probably burn that too Charlie..." She condemned sarcastically, bounding off the bed and strutting out of the room in her Capri night pants and vest top.

"But it turns out crispy that way!" I joked, looking into a mirror and ruffling up my short coffee hair. I needed a coffee this morning. I had to get up for work, unfortunately. I really wasn't in the mood for work lately. Seeing as there were always flirting and slutty work girls coming in my direction, I really didn't feel the ease and enjoyment that I used to feel. Working in the police force- detective department used to have a rush to it, and a certain hype you can't really get from anywhere else. But then they went and put me into a research office, where I sit behind a desk all day, open to the public. Crappy management...

I slipped into a pair of black slacks and a white shirt, tying a blue and red striped tie around my broad neck, but then taking it off again -realising how much of a perverted librarian I looked with it on- and then searching my closet for my shoes. I had become a legal immigrant in Rhode Island about twenty five years ago now. I met Bree when I was twenty. She worked in the police force too.

She dazzled me, she was amazing in the force, a right go-getter. I'm sure the force would hire her back any day. But, that's probably more because of the reasons that they refer to her as the bay-watch babe. I won't go into detail, but let's just say she wasn't just a go-getter for her work...

I felt like one lucky son of a bitch when she actually stuck by my side and moved in with me, let alone marry me and have built a family over such a long time. Unfortunately, she became a house wife when I started earning enough for the both of us. It was a real loss on the force. Oh, my old youthful self was good on the force too. I'm about thirty seven now. That's not old, but apparently it's not young anymore either. I get told that I don't look a day over twenty five, but I feel like a dozen years over a hundred.

I finally found my Loafers and then tied them up on my feet. I stood up slowly, trying to take my time with going to work, and eventually I looked at myself in the polished mirror. "Bloody ageing..." I cursed to myself. Grabbing my cell and then strolling to the door. Quite unpredictably, I heard a crash from downstairs.

"What was that Bree?" I asked, thinking she had just dropped a cup or something. She was all fingers and thumbs like that. I waited to hear a sarcastic comment, or a secretive, 'never mind' but I received no reply. "Bree?" I called out again, making my way to the staircase. Still she didn't reply, and my hopeful thoughts began to die. "Bree!"

I galloped down the stairs, almost tripping over my own feet, and then sliding around the banister, darting into the kitchen. I saw Bree standing in the middle of the white, glistening room, her face drained, and her stature inert and frozen. "Bree, what's wrong?" I inquired, darting towards her and bending my knees slightly so that I was at her level and looking directly into her eyes.

"It...it's...it's...the end..."she mumbled, sliding my body out of the way, and taking her dead gaze back upon the television

"It was said this morning at three forty-two that the sun is predicted to increase in size within the next nineteen days." The Black weather girl, Suzanne Pemmican said gravely, sitting at her white desk and holding a pile of papers in her hands. I didn't know exactly why considering she wasn't even reading them. "Professor Umialichiatura, an expert in astronomy, said that in the last two weeks the suns increased approximately ten million kilometres outwards, now being only thirty two million kilometres away from mercury. Some believe this is just a rumour and a hoax, but others think that this really could be, the end of the world..."

I slowly turned my head to Bree, her face still full of fright. Just by her feet, I managed to see a smashed mug, and my favourite Garfield mug at that. "You dropped my mug over this?" I asked, my voice going slightly louder than I intended to.

"Sorry, sorry..." she apologised hurriedly, scampering to the little closet by the fridge and removing the dustpan and brush. "I just turned on the T.V. to hearing that bitch say 'It's confirmed, there's only nineteen days left.' Immediately I panicked, and I dropped that mu- Oh shit that's your Garfy mug!" She cried, getting herself into a state as tears ran down her cheeks. I hushed at her, getting down on the floor to just in front of her, wrapping my arms around her tightly and stroking her back. She doesn't usually get so wound up about this kind of stuff. She probably just hadn't woken up properly yet and still a bit tired.

"It's okay hun, it's just a mug..." I comforted, stroking her hair and sliding my fingers through its soft quality. "I have too many Garfield mugs, you're probably doing us a favour by dropping that one." She snickered, still with a shudder in her voice, while I pulled her head away from my shoulder and wiped her tears away from her eyes. "You go back to bed. I'll be going to work in a minute anyway."

Bree smiled softly to me, and then lowered my hand to my side. Just as she opened her mouth, the sound of crying and angst came from upstairs. Bree gently sighed, and then got to her feet, sauntering to the door. "Eh, gotta go see Tom. He'll wake up Tiff and April if he goes on much longer..."

"Bree," I called scurrying to my feet, and getting by her side. She looked up to me, her tired eyes looking dazedly into mine. I leant forward and kissed her, sliding my hand down her thigh as I did so. She immediately put a bit of effort into it too, and I grinned half-way through. I pulled my lips away from hers, and then gave her the dreamy-eyed daze. "Love you hun." I said, releasing her waist, and going to the front door.

"Forever and always." She replied, as usual. I shut the door on her, and gave an anxious glower to the round door handle. What was wrong with Bree this morning? She wasn't normally like this. She was usually chirpy and bouncy in the mornings. She was always chirpy and bouncy, that's one of the reasons I love her so much...

I shook the thought away, making my way to my silver Volkswagen which was parked on the curb. It was probably nothing. Either that or something that I, as a bloke, wouldn't understand.

I had my keys in my hand, and was just about to toss it into the car door, when I started vibrating. I flicked open my broken-twenty-times Nokia, seeing the ID number of my boss, Rebekah. "Yo." I attempted, cringing myself when hearing how it sounded. "Ignore that, hello." I tried.

"Fletcher." She said. She always referred to me with my last name. It was kind of annoying. "I'm Brilliant." She smugly declared. I could hear the coffee machine going off close at hand. "You'll love me. You really will."

"Well, I'll say when I love someone thank you Beck." I replied, opening my car and climbing in behind the wheel.

"Oh, you will." She insisted. "I've got you your chance at getting back on the field and doing your old work. Just like old times."

My eyes widened, and a gianormos beaming grin trailed across my face. "No!"


She meant it. That tone meant she meant it. She had got me back the thrills I loved, the rush that I hadn't had in such a long time. I was getting back on the force. "Beck, I love you!" I almost squealed like a six year old girl, revving the engine and buckling in my seat belt.

Beck guffawed hysterically, and I automatically knew what superiority she felt. "I knew you would...Butch..." I rolled my eyes at that comment, shaking my head with disagreement. "Just meet me at the station instead of the office today. Kay Fletcher?"

"Station instead of office. Got it." I replied hanging up and then driving off the curb. Maybe this was genuine. Maybe I was actually getting my job back. If I was, then I would probably have to restrict myself from kissing Beck when I saw her. She had really kicked in this time...

My eyes got caught on a lofty broad advertisement board. "GO 2 UR KIDS!" was graffiti'd across it in big bold red letters. "GO 2 UR FAM'S. IT'S TEH END OF DA WORLD!" Obviously it was some group of teenagers, and must've been brainless ones at that. Who would actually be gullible enough to believe it was the end of the world?

Wait... Bree?

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