14 Years Ago

The following days of the torture were spent strapped to a table with an IV in his arm, full of fluid that dampened his ability to teleport out of the room. During that time, they poked and prodded and burned and shocked him. He really grew to hate Lisa and empty smile that she gave him when she ran the tests. He didn't like the way she touched his shoulder because it just didn't feel right. There was no way that she could reassure him while she ran half the tests that she did.

While Lisa was his second most hated on his list, His father was definitely first. He just stood off to the side looking stoic but sad. He never said anything to Joseph, but he never tried to communicate. Instead of yelling obscenities at his father for selling him out, Joseph just stared at his father constantly. He wanted his dad to know that he was never going to forgive him for what he was going through.

The last day that he saw Lisa Eisley, she came in looking hesitant. For once, her eyes held a bit of sympathy. It was way more than that blank stare that she normally had and when his father came in looking grim, he knew that he was in trouble, "What do you two want?"

"We have to find what triggers your teleportation."

"Nothing. I can control it."

"Well, you can control it now, but before you could, it had to have been trigged by something. Fear, adrenaline, exhaustion, anger. We have to find out what. So, we're going to stop giving you the sedative that deadens your ability, but we're putting you in a controlled environment. When we find the trigger, it'll teleport you instead of you teleporting yourself. Do you understand me what I'm telling you?"

He looked at her angrily, "I'm going to kill you."

The small sympathy in her eyes immediately went dead and it was replaced by that blank look, her lips went from a smile to a thin line "I understand."

His trigger had been fear and protectiveness.

The only way they'd found out about it was because they told him that his sister was going to be brought in next and he snapped. He couldn't remember a lot of the details but he did remember lunging against his restraints at the doctor and then he found himself face down against the wall on the other side of the room. At first he thought that they'd just beat him and that's where he ended up, but unfortunately he found out later that he'd teleported. And because of that, they used his sister as a threat whenever he wouldn't do what they wanted.

And now, as he saw his sister sitting in a chair in a room designed to look exactly like Lisa's lab. He realized that…despite the fact that the doctor was supposed to be 'good' now, everything he'd worked for had been for nothing.

Naomi was pulled into this world, she was living in hiding, and she had a leg with a bullet wound, and she'd gotten into more fights in one week than she'd had in all her life. It was all messed up, and he found himself immersing her more and more in the world the more that he wanted to protect her from in the first place.

She looked up at him with puffy eyes, she'd been crying.

Wordlessly he knelt down and stared at her, "What happened?"

45 minutes ago

The blow sent Naomi stumbling back; she fell and cracked her head against the chair. She tried to close her eyes and focus, but that didn't stop the room from spinning. It was hard to get your bearings when the room was so dark that she couldn't even see.

It didn't take a military leader to know that Naomi needed help, she couldn't just randomly throw fire without getting anyone hurt and she couldn't make a pillar of fire without giving her position away. And with this cast on her leg, it wasn't as if she could run very far either.

She dragged herself to the door and tried the handle. It wouldn't move. It wasn't that it was locked, because the handle would've moved slightly, but it wouldn't even do that.

She stopped when a light was shined on her, "Your friends can't help you. We can move backwards and forwards in time. Did you ever stop to think that maybe we could freeze it as well?

Naomi took a terrified breath and released the door knob. She turned so that she was staring right in the light.

"Don't do anything," one of the figures commanded, "If you try, we'll freeze you as well and we'll leave."

"I'm surprised you haven't yet."

"We're here to deliver a message from the leader of the Guardians"

"To me? Tell me what I did to deserve such an honor."

"Because this will be what starts you down the path you're destined to go down."

"What are you talking about?" she demanded.

"Stop your investigation into us, and don't ever try to stop us from fulfilling our mission. If it happens again, I assure you that you'll be in the Facility so fast, it'll make your head spin."

The lights came back on which made her blink for a second.

Everyone except for her and David was gone.

Naomi rubbed her eyes, "The door came open after that and Able and Lisa and Jane came in, but the Guardians were gone."

"And David didn't-"

"He was in a cell, and they didn't seem interested in him at all. Joe, what did he mean when he said that today would start me down the path I was destined to go down?"

"I don't know, maybe it's just crazy talk designed to throw you off." He leaned back, "Listen, It's not your fault that this happened. We'll find a way to get Kyrie back. Now, go wash your face and clean up, David's downstairs and he's ready to tell us what he knows. I know! It's surprising, right? I could hardly believe it myself"

He helped her stand up; they walked down the hallway in silence before Naomi spoke again, "What about the other teleporter?"

He stopped, before he released David from his cell and came up here, he'd teleported the body of the woman to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There was no way that anyone, normal, facility, or Guardian would be able to find her. It wasn't exactly a civilized burial, but at least her body wouldn't be cut open for them to poke and prod at, "Let's just say that she won't be hurting anyone anymore.

"I was twenty-two when I found out I could time travel," David started after they all gathered in the destroyed meeting room, "I went to get a vaccine shot and then the next day I woke up, I realized that I'd jumped to the year 1645 and it was several months before I realized before I figured out how to come back, and when I did, they were waiting for me."

"Guardians?" Lisa clarified.

He nodded, "I was trained for two years. They told me that they were going to give me a list of names and send me somewhere in time to find them. I was supposed to find these people and keep a watch over them and report if they started using their abilities for things that they shouldn't. Like murdering families as a good example"

"What happens to the ones that start doing that?"

"Some are euthanized if they're too far gone; some are delivered to the Facility for containment and research."

"Was I one of them?" Joseph asked angrily.

"No. The Facility called for that one. The Guardians had no interest in you. I'm going to be honest, the only reason that the Guardians put up with the Facilities is because it's a quick solution. Honestly, their alliance is crumbling, I wouldn't doubt it if soon they came to some kind of war, they hate each other so much"

"How come they know our names?" Naomi asked.

"Because they're the ones that gave you your abilities."

Everyone except Jane reacted at that. Lisa sat back in shock, Naomi looked like she was going to throw up, Able put his head in his hands and Joseph just gave him an even more angry glare, "How?"

"The vaccine I went in for. It had a medicine in it that I thought was just an antibiotic, but it was something different. The medicines disguised as a lot of things; antibiotics, flu vaccines…anything."

"And you stood by and let this happen?" Joseph demanded.

"What choice did I have? The damage was already done."

"Gee, I don't know, you're a time traveler. Find the times we're injected and then stop it."

"I've tried," he snapped, "But there's nothing I can do. You're meant to have these abilities, then you're going to get them no matter how much I try to stop it from happening. So, instead of watching all of you, I've called you all together as a way to protect you."

"Who created the medicine?" Lisa asked.

"His name is Doctor Synzada. Or, so I'm told. I've never met the man. I don't even know what timeframe he's in. But he's the one that did this to us."

Joseph angrily stood up and walked out the door.

"What'll he do to Kyrie?" Naomi asked.

"I doubt he'll even know about how happens today. The Guardians will take care of her."

"What'll they do?" Naomi asked again.

"I don't know," David said, "She was supposed to get abilities when she was younger but it didn't work out, so I'm guessing they're going to try it again."

Able, who'd been quiet for the entire meeting finally spoke up, "Why should we trust you if you're one of them?"

"Because if it weren't' for me, then Jane would be shipped off for experimentation, Lisa would still be trapped in that Facility. And Naomi here would probably be occupying a cell. I may be 'one of them' to you all, but I'm doing what I have to in order to keep all of you safe. Now you may not trust me, and that's fine, but everything I've done is to keep you all alive."

"Why didn't you tell us this before" Lisa asked.

"Would you have trusted me if I had?"

"Oh, that's great," Naomi stood up and grabbed the crutches, "I'm going to bed."

David sighed, "Perfect."

Lisa closed the door in front of her, "Yes that went very well."

"I love the thinly veiled attempt at sarcasm."

Lisa stayed behind and leaned on the table, "So, what now?"

David sighed, "I don't know."

The End