silly little girl,
there you go again, handing out
time and trust and money,
like a preacher waves a bible
on church corners and school sidewalks.
wearing a smile and just happy
to provide, haven't you spent enough of yourself
going nowhere?
silly little girl,
haven't you learned by now?
there is no reward those with
jaws wired shut and generosity
seeping from their worn out pores.
you're bleeding yourself dry
and broken your back,
holding onto frayed strings and scraping
to make it through just a day.
with hands dirtied for no gain and
lying in your bed,
stressed and far from charmed,
hasn't this gone on far enough?
soon you'll have nothing but
comfort dipped in sapphire and jade
to bring you weak drags of peace
and expel growing demons;
tell me, what will you do then,
silly little girl?

and sadly enough, i'm back to dumping the words i've choked and chewed on into the welcome arms of fictionpress.
let's dance again, old friend.