Those seven months passed very quickly. The first day I met you, I thought you were a lonely little girl. It's the reason why I became a friend. I did not like it when people are lonely, especially one as beautiful as you. It was there, and you were being bullied by some other girls. You did not fight back—just stood there like a stone. And only until they left did you heave a sigh of relief and walked back home. I chased after you and that was our first encounter. We soon became very close to each other. We talked on the phone every single day, and met up every weekend to have fun. Those were good memories…

At least until you met another girl who became an even better friend to you. She attended the same school as you, so normally she had more time to spend with you. You couldn't share your love and care, so you gave most of it to her. But maybe one day you realized you have been hurting me—so you started to talk to me back again. And after a few weeks, you told me you liked me. You even asked me to become your best friend, so of course, I agreed to it.

But you were still hanging out with that girl during weekends. That's why I decided to write you a letter… to leave me alone. I soon found a new best friend. We hanged out all day, laughed and smiled. But something was different. That person wasn't you. No humans can replace any human… and you could not be replaced. The care she gave me was different from the care you gave me. I wanted more than anything, the care that you used to give. I didn't want her care—it was so much, and yet it doesn't' seem to be of any importance.

If you ever come across this, please know that the past 7 months I've spent with you were the happiest moments of my life. But we should know that it will never ever return. But it was really fun. I'll keep those memories safe in my heart. Until the day you might return and be someone important again. Thank you for being in my life. I love you.

And sorry, my new best friend, if I can't give you the love you deserve. I know you care, but the love I give to you can only be a little. I don't think love should be shared. Care as well—so that's why, if you want to leave me, you can. I'm sorry for not being a good best friend to you.