She's so charming, she's so perfect, she's the best.

Then how did I beat her again in an essay contest?

She didn't even bother to show up for the spelling bee!

-Which I won, but you would still look down upon me!


Well that's okay, because I have nothing to say.

You'd believe what you wanna believe anyway!

I have absolutely nothing to prove to you.

I know you would criticize everything I do.

You don't care what I do; I don't care what you think.

So you're welcome to keep treating me as a weakling.


I just wanted to give you my sincere heart-felt thanks

For being so unfair and never giving me a chance.

Because it made me find myself in something else.

Compared to the joy I found, everything else pales.


You have always tried to put me down.

You thought I was nothing more than a clown.

Well guess what? I didn't make a fool of myself!

I gave my best- I didn't even need your help!

You're pathetic for being so partial for no reason.

But that's okay, because I had my spring season.


She's so charming, she's so perfect, she's the best.

What's the trophy again that she brought to your little nest?

Can't remember right now? I'll tell you why.

She didn't win any! You guys are just living a lie!


What I don't understand is how you can like a girl like that!

How can you crown her the queen at the drop of a hat?

Ever heard of a term called audition and application?

Someday I would really like to hear your explanation.

What I don't understand is why you wanna kill my dream.

High School isn't the end of the world, I haven't reached the rim :P


She's nothing, she never works hard, she doesn't even try.

She's only good at showing off her powers so others' hearts die.

When you ask her to do something, she says "it'll be done".

Then she's off to enjoy her waste of a life and having useless fun.


Which brings me to the fact that you're the losers.

You are not gaining anything by patronizing her.

You don't help people who have no morals and principles.

I try so hard to understand you, but my reasoning fails.

Whatever dude, I'm writing right now, so it's your defeat.

Keep on trying, I'll still not quit :P


(P.S. You guys think Juniors shook look up to her.

Eeks! The future I can see is a complete blur…..)

A/N: God that feels so GOOD! I don't even care about rhyming/rhythm ;P