Defective Ellection - 2011

if we believe in peace and denounce things like rioting why do we, try to keep, lying to our childish sheep the leaders need to cater to the riding's needs but let me speak politically, i'm not trying to sway beliefs

i'm not against the vegans, that wanna save the trees i'm not against companies, moving money overseas i'm not against disability or capping tax reliefs i am against the way that we are targeting

racial profiles, and the starving, in our, PR, campaigns influence from corporate contributions, reminds me, of bribing so why do we, support infighting, and whining

is it simply arrogance or is it just the status that they're cherishing?
saying fair is fair isn't, cause its just the richest that is gettin in on this

they're inside trading with our rights as bids cause money wins elections and the people are the bargain chips instead of getting pissed and making changes year over year the population's abstaining

they keep doing the same thing, time wasting, instead of, administrating and over beer we the people keep complaining

there's no way our situation will change if we don't take the reigns, we can only claim what we make and blame is a game with more players than teams there's no way to hit anything without ever having taken aim