Where I Stand - 2011

i try to live my life unfettered with stressing live to be respected, forward lessons and blessings every day get a little better than i ever been promote love in my residence and pepper it with elegance

stresses can lessen life's preciousness so many people running headless obsessing shit or apathetic from ingesting sedative medicants you don't need to get ahead by giving head to the president

it's always better when your friends are independent its definitely best to be, socially sensitive less excesses leads to less distresses and being congizant of others interests is the best of gifts

there was a time where i was over ambitious it was the best use of my, energetic disposition, then age came, my aims changed with experience, no more avarice, gambling with debts or illicit shit

and no more wishing for a different hand to go all in increasing dividends and the little bits of wisdom that i kept set in collected from the many people that i met till then

reunited with my mother and next of kin i found the piece of happiness that i was missing i found it wrapped in a blanket of contentedness kris, there's never been a man more at rest than him

i'd rather be poor and educated than rich and famous, sick and brain dead i prefer shame to shameless i can feign patience but what's the point of wasting away with a nameless face sleeping in the same bed

it's so important for your soul to cultivate your morals till your soil till your sorrows spill forth spoils and grow

i choose to be loyal, truthful, bold even though i toil cause i don't know when i'll go but i know, that one day, i'll, be judged, for what, i know,

and knowing without getting better doesn't fit my goals the only thing holy about the road i trode was my soul so i can only be hopeful when i die and i go home HE'll be merciful, treat me like i treat his own