The Poor Man's Perspective - 2011

i got ambition to live in the richest of skyscrapers making some fly paper, contemplating mob capers,
my patience tapers seeing weaker people taking favors.
my people bleeding while the greedy deamons rape us

those that have the cash and the kids that cash in on mom and dad's rations that afford for name brand fashions the same bastards that can afford to save stashes are making stacks investing while exempt from paying taxes

meanwhile the working class only holds transit passes and the lack of funds from taxes contracts to lower classes i can't believe it's deemed as right that, the majority of people, can't even lead a life, unless,

a finger's pressed, on the pulse of your neck,
from a bank while a load of debt lingers over your head it's no wonder we plunder, held under, as the funders of the flag we wallow under, depressed, upset wrecks of selfishness,

addicts feeling helplessness our health is dead and death is rest in my head it's all i can't forget the bread that doesn't spread for the dozens of helpless kids that can't get fed

we tried education but money keeps us in our places we tried to be patient saving but we're facing inflation i'm caged in with nothing left and left complacent it's no more a case of races,
the race has changed its pace and we're in stasis

i can't erase this hate, regain this faith i can't keep playing this game with the same refrain i came from nothing to something,
made my way by cussing, pushing and shoving no cushions or loving coming from all of my suffering

this kid's a pissed off critic with a list of shit to spit this shit is fucking ridiculous, i'm tired and sick of it i merit to bitch, i toiled to live i watched the communities around me turn canabalistic

i wished that to heaven my friends weren't lifted if i could only spit this shit with you instead of only bitching how can this thick headed prick just egress and forget it i left the city and you just went ahead me and met it

i went into bed then wedded the devil's meds to get it out of my head that he wouldn't be dead if i didn't let it first time, i hurt like this, since my future wife slit, both her wrists which, then poured open, soaking,

both my hands and my white pants i'd rather be departed than starving like today the way i am every day like there's no way to not be hard done by, in a life of lies, spies, and crime

family ties don't bind as tight as you see with your eyes what you perceive can easily be a disguise or a lie and what you need to believe is that neither of these is reason for me to do even a meager piece of time

so if my soul seems cold and chills the winters if my demeanor is less than respectful or sincere know that i'm on the brink of straight giving up for no other reason, than i don't give a fuck

i daydream of waking up and can't sleep enough too so i may mean nothing and this means nothing to you but you don't know what a desperate motherfucker will do when that pissed off mother fucker has got nothing to lose

yes i'm cussing at you, what the fuck could you do that's worse than being screwed and being too broke to sue i wish i knew more than you, i wish i could force you to walk through my shoes for an hour or two

we'll see how you do and view my attitude, after you have to ask for advances to get to class at school and scam the transit man to get past him with expired transfers for your second job that grants you,

a chance to save faster trying to make do nobody's proud of you, at work they scream and shout at you at home your neighbors have it too,
so they're loud and feud over all their issues, leaving you with just a few hours to

get a bad sleep, interrupted by the siren screams and people crying from crimes that keep happening due to habits that, someone has but really can't sustain like me they simply can't wait over a decade to get away

one night they lose sight of their life's dreams frustration incites a pipe dream, that might seem, quite, enticing, one wrong to set things right, in their mind it might seem like being the right thing

nothing ever equalizes like we might think that's why we either die alive or from fighting losing our minds getting by by surviving it makes your sight short or blind like the light from lightning

like the light that may be shining from your beemer's high beams while you pass by me, at mach 5 speed i live my life, on the side of the street waiting for the bus that might take me to finer things

but i can't afford the fare of the people beside me that's why the mercury's rising, your pie's multiplying you can bake to your liking, unlike me if i sit idly by mine shrinks cause its dividing

through my eyes and through my rhymes you and i can finally start to find a mean, try to find the right between extremes to do this i need you to see what i see the need for me to see your plight, through your eyes is likely

poverty and crime is a symptom of society i may not be right about your life but from what i see there's more than enough to supply me with my needs education and opportunity to succeed when i'm honestly trying

all i'm asking is that you have some compassion i'm not asking for handouts without reason or fashion how about providing us with free rides to campus or just raise the lowest income tax bracket a fraction

at least enough to pay for school and maybe food rations enough to cover bachelor pads so we can clean our acts up a place to wipe our asses without roaches attacking just give us a chance to get away from this crap man

in return the crime rates will surely start retracting and the money paid to help us hard working bastards will then be saved reducing all the staffing cops, medics, clinics, and even prisons can cut back a bit

why not give in to such a simple win/win instead of always bitching and hiding from the urban pigs surburans go to churches just like the worms you're hurting the same blood in your chest flows under our worthless shirts man

i'm not still in that entropus situation but as a self made man with a distinct plan, to change the rich man's game plan,
i feel the same about giving away to save them

to all the people living in the cages i say this, stay brave kids, mothers and other people struggling to make ends you're not forgotten or betrayed friends, keep the faith and always remember to pursue your education

how many times do i have weed through this garbage before i learn what i need to so that i can be pardoned from a baby to kid, adolescence and onward i can barely stand to suffer, work, and live any longer

i made a long way with my slim remains i had to hack and slice, exploit each chance and vice i had to bet my last cent on both credit and debit

knelt down i belt out for someone to help out but those who give a fuck, they too could use your help now