It's such a wonderful thing yet at the same time it's not. Life is unfair to those who don't deserve it, life works in strange ways.

People who have many things in life take it for granted while those whom don't really have anything are the ones that live it to the fullest. Why is that?

Life is very unfair to some women. What I mean by that is some women aren't able to get pregnant. They will never know what it is to have life growing inside of them…to feel that special bond the love and all the wonderful things a woman must feel when she's pregnant. Us women are very special for that, we are capable of making life…to know what it feels to have life inside of you the gentle or hurtful kicks your baby will give you, a baby that you and the love of your life created, to feel it moving inside of you and that special moment when it's time for you to meet the little person.

I think it's unfair how life takes that gift from some women and gives it to others whom don't care.

Why? Why is life like that? It pisses me off so bad. This is what I'm talking about.

There are women in this world who get pregnant because they want to have a fun time, their prostitutes, they don't use protection, they don't care. They get pregnant and they decide they don't want the baby so they either:

Have an abortion

Have the baby and give it up for adoption (best thing to do)

Throw the baby away anywhere not caring if it lives or dies

Give the baby away

Sell the baby

Okay first off. If you don't want a baby and you want to have sex use fucking protection! Take pills to avoid getting pregnant or use some other method! If you're going to have sex be responsible! It's not the baby's fault you're such a horn dog, live up to your responsibilities! If you can't be responsible don't have sex!

Some women are sort of responsible. They know they can't take care of a baby so they give it up for adoption, but why? Why get pregnant in the first place if you know you can't take care of a human being?

Some women are just fucking sick.

For example.

There's this "woman" that lives close to an aunt, she got pregnant she gave birth to the baby when she went to the bathroom and the baby fell and hurt her leg! She doesn't want it. She's a low life prostitute and now she's giving the baby away, just like that. She's giving her away with all the papers. I just recently heard that she went to the store and took the baby so they don't know if she went to give her away or left her in the garbage somewhere. I have another aunt that isn't able to get pregnant, she's tried so many things and gone to so many doctors and she just can't get pregnant, how sad is that? How must a woman feel knowing they can't get pregnant and other women that can are just throwing and giving away the babies' as if they were an invaluable item? How can they do that? How can they just give or throw away life that was growing inside of them? How can somebody be so cold hearted?

There was another woman who gave birth to a baby and was born blind so she threw her in the garbage. Just like that. Some nurses found her and they would buy her diapers and feed her etc. they tried finding a good home for her…I don't know if they did or if they didn't but why? I just don't understand how women can come to do something like that, why are those women able to have that special gift?

Some parents don't want their children because they are born with diseases or they are blind or can't hear etc. A baby is a gift no matter how it is born, sometimes it's the own mothers fault because she drinks, smokes or doesn't take care of herself while she's pregnant and when the baby is born it has a problem. All human being deserves to be loved no matter how it is born.

I wish I could go around and take the gift of giving life away from those women who don't care.

I can't even imagine how it must feel to have life growing inside of you, I can't picture myself being a mom or feeling all of those wonderful things you must feel. I'm barely going to turn 18. Sometimes I get scared that life won't give me that gift…because when I was younger I would say I never wanted to have kids but I was young…usually marriage is involved to make a family I can't picture myself with a man who loves me, I don't believe in marriage, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to be a mom…yeah when I'm older and it's the right time I would like to be a mom, I would love to have identical twins! Problem is I can't get myself pregnant ha-ha. Anyway yeah. I don't want that gift to be taken from me.

If I could slap the hell out of those women who sell their babies, throw them away, have abortions and kill them even, I would and I would scream at them and give them a piece of my mind!

Life is wonderful yet unfair.

Life is happy yet painful.

Life is life and karma is a bitch.

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