Things you should know before you enter high school

Written by high schoolers

Do not be labeled as an 'eye wanderer'. Moving your eyes in all directions, anxiously rubbing bracelets up and down your arms, that screams "easy prey" and do not think twice about it, the upperclassmen will use that to their advantage – Megan (10th grade)

Do your work steadily, like, keep up – Schuyler (10th grade)

There are pregnant people. Beware. – Liz (11th grade)

You can either choose to peruse your dreams or give up – Ashley (10th grade)

Be mature or be punched in the face – Devyn (10th grade)

Don't do it. You know, it. Do your work and don't stress, 'cause then you'll just get a headache and have to miss more school and then more work. Get enough sleep or you won't pay enough attention in class and you may as well have not gone. Just sleep. And don't worry about relationships because they're just pointless. And stay out of drama. Don't smoke cigarettes and don't make fun of people 'cause it's bad and then they'll feel bad kill themselves and you don't want dead people. Don't use 'gay' as a synonym for 'stupid' 'cause that's not cool. And don't say the f-a-g word. Don't try to be cool. Don't wear superhero shirts unless you read the comics. Sports jackets are cool, wear them. And don't try cutting your bangs by yourself 'cause that never works. And don't get in stupid fights. And don't get pregnant (see rule #1). – Chelsea (10th grade)

No drama – Taylor (10th grade)

Don't make yourself seem like a freshman; don't make a fool of yourself. If you're offered marijuana, don't smoke it! Oh, and don't piss off your teachers the first day – Mo (10th grade)

Don't do drugs (see above rule) – Adam Briggs (10th grade)

Choose classes wisely – Kelsi (10th grade)

Gum is more valuable than money. Always have a study hall. Make sure your body is always covered in clothing. Soda is the gateway to true friends. And finally…always became BFFs with your lunch table. They will be awesome – Liz (10th grade)

Don't blow off your homework; your teachers will know if you BS something. Don't act ignorant. Walk faster than 5 mph. Don't talk about Fight Club – with love, Danni (10th grade)

Don't swoon over Justin Bieber. People will think you are a lesbian – Kyle (10th grade)

Be ready to study – Todd (10th grade)

Run while you still can – Gage (11th grade)