Alejandra stood still in the hot sand, awake and alert as her tiny babies slept at her feet. She was a creature of much beauty, and elegance. Alejandra was tall, slender, and anything but plain. Eyes looked her way nearly every day, people too nervous to venture her way. Her beautiful babies slept soundly, snuggled close the her body.

Alejandra would protect her precious babies with her life, if she had to. Thankfully, she need not go to that extent, for her entire body, and her babies' bodies, were covered in thick, long, sharp spines. Every minute location on all of their bodies was absolutely blanketed in extremely sharp spines, ready to impale any enemy trying to harm her.

As her long legs searched the ground for bits of moisture, Alejandra noticed something circling in the cloudless sky above her. She looked up, unconsciously pulling her babies even closer. A large black vulture flew in a circle hundreds of meters over her. She relaxed, knowing the scavenging bird would not hurt her. She guessed a cow or a coyote had died a short distance away.

However, she sensed an animal slowly creeping her way. It hopped about the ground, sending vibrations in the loose sand that she picked up right away. Silently, she felt the animal moving closer and closer. Alejandra remained calm.

She was not afraid as she looked at the hopping animal when it came into sight. It was only a desert hare, with little fur and huge ears for its own protection. The hare was nearly three times as big as she was, but heavily out matched. It stopped when it came to her, its nose flaring up as it smelled her. It recognized her as a food source, full of water, which was rare in the hot, hot desert.

It lowered its head closer to her body, opening its mouth to take a bite. Immediately, Alejandra launched dozens or spines into the hare's mouth, cutting through the skin and fur. It cried out and fell over on its back, turning and bounding the opposite direction as fast as it could.

Alejandra smiled, cuddling her sleeping babies unscathed. The spines would probably infect the hare, maybe even killing it. But, most likely it'd rub its mouth against a bush, taking the spines out. It would give the hare much pain, but it would live with only a few scars, and the knowledge not to try to eat her again. But for now, she was content with snuggling with her many babies before they broke off her body to start there own lives.