The One Who Didn't Play His Guitar Today (May 31)


With tear in hand, the man and the dog return back.
And with it, the scientist tests it for one last chance for humanity.

At first it doesn't seem to work,
but a few minutes later, the virus is gone.

Now being mass produced, the world finally has a cure.
And everyone thanks and remembers the scientist,
which in turn thanks the man with the guitar.

Today, he doesn't play it anymore.
He doesn't feel a need to.

He knows that everything will go back to normal soon.
And that those twenty years that passed, will be healed at last.

Mediocre ending for a mediocre story. Whatever. Won't do this kind of stuff again unless the story's pretty good, so sorry about that. Uh, that's about it for May! Yay!
Next month is a very special one, as we approach the half of Words A Day 2011 (and my birthday, too!)

See you in The Cycling June.