The sun can shine all it wants,

But in these daze-y days,

It's not what makes your eyes gleam.

It's the rain and heartache that screams:


"We only have minutes left to say,

To mumble sweet words over goodbye,

And with each tearful smile,

There's a choked sob and a sigh,"


I know this scene; I know what's next,

We've had our last sweat between the sheets.

All that's left is a button on my dress,

And our lips will finish the rest.


The sky falls down in outrage,

It's best attempt to melt away the lovers' pain,

Nothings there to gain, but a mask for the tears,

While my heart beats rapidly against its cage.


The sun can shine all it wants,

Mocking us with each blazing burn.

I know the sky will curl around,

Until it drip drops down,

To set the scene I know so well,

The one that brings me midnight hell.