Camera took a picture.

This picture, mirrors just can't compare. They lie, trying to show the truth they're not capable of. They're too weak, struggling to hold onto the surface of a moment. I move so fast, every second slips away from graceless metallic palms.

This picture. It's real. I'm tangible. I can see myself; I can find myself.

Because mirrors could never capture my soul.

I never knew it before---that I can smile like this, laugh like this, fly like this. It took a flash for me to notice the light, the brightness of my voice, the deep shine of my eyes.

It spoke in my ear, "this is who you can be." Now I yell, "This is who I want to be. This is who I am," to the world, to the wind, to the rain, to the flames. And I don't let my gaze fall to the earth.

Camera is the creator, but the beauty is in the creation.

Even if I lose you, even if we don't find time to talk. Maybe I won't see you around over the summer. Even if any of that happens, I will treasure this photograph.

I won't lose this part of myself that you developed.