"Try to be one of those people on whom nothing is lost." ~Henry James

Dear Everyone,

Nothing is lost on me. I see you all for what you really are, but more importantly I see myself. I allow all of you to be petty and shallow, while I attempt to make up for your barbaric behavior by being the bigger person.

I act like a doormat for you, allowing you to wipe the filth from your feet on my face. You only keep me around because I'm convenient: I give you words of comfort that you don't deserve, I tell you it's not your fault when it is, I provide you with jokes because you want to laugh, even though I'm aching inside.

You step all over me, punishing me for what I am, even though it's all of you who made me this way. You want to believe I'm perfect, inhuman because that means I don't have feelings. That means I don't have problems or worries of my own and you can unload your burdens onto my shoulders without feeling guilty. And the worst part is, I never say anything against you. I let you do this to me. I still strive to be so freaking perfect, because that's what you need me to be.

Fine, you want perfect? Something inhuman? Well you got it! I'll make you perfect, like me. Then let's see how you like it.

Ready or not, here I come...

Your Perfect Friend, Mickey W.