Wrote about in 3-4 mintues..pretty emotional, if you Undestand it form my point of view, but everyone will ahve their own

My mama use to say

that the first time will be special

fireworks, compassionate and bliss

No pain, but the love through a husband who will take great care of me

She said, " Take care of yourself. Keep yourself pure."

Yet mama, you weren't pure when you met daddy, right?

My mama use to show me

how to present myself in front of men

head held high, confidence, and forbidden

A man doesn't want a impure woman

they want a clean one, so they can cherish it with them forever

Yet mama, you weren't cherish by dad at all

My mama told me to stay strong

don't fall for the evil "three words"

"that will just lead to trouble," she would say

"Those words can make a girl melt if she never heard it before"

yet mama, you thawed out when dad came

You just thawed out completely

My mama wanted me to be someone

someone who wasn't her at all

She was scared that I would turn up just like her

lonely, vulnerable, and tainted

Yet mama, you lied

you lied to me all these years

You never told me what to do if my husband lose his temper

You never told me where to do go if I am lost

You never told me what make-up cream to buy for my face

You missed something important mama

You forgot to tell me..

What happens after the first time