When Caitlyn walked onto the greens at the local country club under a full moon, playing golf was the last thing on her mind. No, she hadn't dressed up in her best mini skirt, flowery blouse and high heeled shoes to play a round on the award winning course.

She had come out to the greens to meet up with Booker who had promised her he'd be there by the solid oak tree next to the water trap. But she looked ahead not seeing him and damn, did that mean that he'd been caught by security that would now be looking for her?

Caitlyn sighed, wondering if she should have brought her sweater but Booker had promised to find ways to keep her warm and the sound of his voice on the phone…had caused her insides to tingle. She had always been a good girl until the last couple of years when she had rebelled the rules set by her parents, flunked a couple of courses, wound up on academic probation before her parents had put her on a plane to fly across a couple states to attend convent school.

Not that it was like anything she had actually expected because though the nuns tried to keep them in line and focused on their studies, girl after girl had wound up getting pregnant and then ushered to the purple parlor for an inquisition about what boy had gotten them knocked up. None of the girls had confessed about what they had done and none of them narced out on the guys who had gotten them in trouble so to speak.

Caitlyn couldn't figure it out. She knew all about sex and that pregnancy wasn't that difficult to prevent. Some of these girls had been members of the honor roll and student council rather than one of the resident sluts as they were called. Maybe that group of girls was just savvier when it came to getting their guys to suit up beforehand.

Sr. Cornelia had just been giving the students one of her patent lectures on not venturing down the path of sin and avoiding temptation by only thinking of virtuous thoughts. But somehow, her admonitions hadn't had much of a dent in the population of female students being abruptly rooted from their educational tracks and on the first plane back with their parents.

Caitlyn didn't go out much with guys herself because she spent much of her time studying when she wasn't running the student newspaper which had just published a poignant editorial on the epidemic of non-immaculate conceptions or leading the debate team. But when Booker had called her up one night and asked her out, she found herself accepting.

They'd dated a couple of times including once to the cinema in the center of town but when she waited for him to kiss her goodnight, he had shaken her hand instead. So when he called her tonight and asked her to meet him in the middle of the golf course, she had been intrigued.

That's why she told herself, she had worn her favorite pair of peach panties and lacy bra beneath her dress.

But now that she was here waiting, as the night air began to turn chilly, she thought where the hell Booker was.

"Waiting long…," a voice crooned from behind her.

She turned around and her eyes widened because he kind of looked like Booker, but wait, wasn't Booker a little shorter, and leaner in build? He hadn't been an athlete but a studious individual like herself. But this guy had muscles stretching his shirt and wore some black pants.


The man just laughed and she checked out his hair which was dark, and short like Booker's, his eyes a bright blue and his lips…well if they kissed her she'd remember.

"Come here…"

She just shrugged and figured it had to be Booker but something…

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see…"

So she followed him down the green past the water trap to a bank where the grass grew more thickly and it sloped down near a stream which wound through the golf course like a ribbon.

"It's…," she didn't know how to finish. The moonlight shone down on a tree, near the stream and next to it, a blanket, with a bottle of wine. She looked at him, thinking there had definitely been a romantic side to Booker that she'd missed. He reached for her hand and she slipped hers in his own, where she felt both its gentleness and strength. But when he asked her to sit down on the blanket with him, she hesitated.

"I…we don't know each other that well…"

He just smiled, easily.

"I know but we will…come on…I won't bite."

So she did finally and he grabbed the bottle of wine and popped open the cork before pouring them each of a glass of the richly purple nectar. She sipped it and damn, it packed quite a punch, and it tasted delicious.

"It's nice…are you sure this is wine?"

He nodded.

"It's from the best vineyard in Tuscany."

She wondered if he were a local boy how he had ever got his hands on such a vintage but maybe he had some connections because she doubted they sold anything like that in this rundown town.

"I like it…"

And she did, because when the liquid poured down her throat, it both chilled and warmed it, and the conflict between the two sent pleasurable sensations elsewhere. She suddenly felt flushed.

"You feeling hot," he asked.

Well yeah, her breasts began to chafe under her blouse and her pussy…she didn't even want to think about it. Doing so would just get her into trouble…like Sr. Cornelia said.

"I am…looking at a beautiful young thing like you…"

She blushed.

"I'm not that pretty…"

"Oh yes you are…and I know how to make you even more beautiful…"

She felt intrigue fill her because seriously, she had always considered herself to be somewhat of a Plain Jane with long brown hair and a lanky figure she still felt she had to fill out. But when this guy who kind of resembled Booker moved closer to her, she felt his lips brush against her mouth and his hand move to press her back before she even knew it. His mouth felt gentle at first, tasting of wild mint and cloves, then he slowly eased into being more demanding…she didn't even know when it happened but she felt the stirrings of wanting more from him.

Much more even though warnings flashed inside of her that to want more would send her down a forbidden path towards sin. She had wanted Booker to kiss her hadn't she, to touch her skin, to stroke her until she sighed beneath his touch. But somehow she didn't think this was him. Not when he delicately sliced his tongue in between her plump lips…she hadn't expected it. She had been lost in the scent of his cologne and the taste of his mouth when she felt that penetration.

She had to struggle to keep from pulling away. No she wanted to move even closer to him. She wanted him to tongue the inside of her mouth so thoroughly; she just didn't want to ask. It couldn't be a sin unless you begged for it, could it? But instead he teased her with it, thrusting in and out, leaving a trace of something pungent, like the wine.

The movement of his tongue inside of her mouth, just enough for her to feel flickers of sensation before she felt its loss again, frustrating her. She wanted to pull him closer, so his hands could roam her body…slipping underneath her top. His mouth left hers and trailed heat on her jaw line, down her neck…sucking lightly on where blood vessels beneath the skin pulsed…oh she felt her lips part and a soft moan slip out of her mouth.

"You like that, I can tell," he whispered, "You'll like what I'm going to do next."

She thought maybe she should just stop him because she hadn't gone to school to get in any trouble…but if this was trouble…the way he made her skin come to life, her mouth tingle and her pupils dilate…a part of her wanted to tell him to bring it on. But her mouth wouldn't form words, as his hands, the fingers stretched stroked her back, sliding beneath her blouse, without disturbing the buttons in front. Her lacy clad breasts arched beneath his tough, she felt the nails of his fingers trace her skin, around the soft globes which overflowed her bra, then she felt them move to unhook it, so that it fell off of her breasts. She felt her mouth go dry as his hands smoothed the skin on her sides, flirting with the outer edges of where her bra had covered.

He listened to her sigh it seemed and then moved his hands accordingly, because when she had just gasped, she felt him move his fingers towards caressing her nipples, which hardened.

"Oh god…I know I shouldn't…"

He looked at her, his hands still underneath her blouse doing wonderful things.

"Shouldn't what?"

She felt flushed.

"Say how wonderful that feels…you see we have this problem at my high school…"

He nodded…as he lightly pinched her nipples, which almost made her jump.

"The convent school…yes…you do have problems."

She narrowed her eyes.

"You know…?"

He nodded again; playing with her nipples…she had to remember how to breathe when he did that.

"I know that the sisters there don't let you out in the world as often as you need," he said, "They try to contain what they can't control."

She didn't quite get what he was saying so she just looked at him, why argue with a man who had just kept stroking her breasts while kissing her mouth again, sucking gently on her pliant lips, the heat filling her again.

"You see there's a whole other world out there…than inside those stone walls…both the physical ones and the ones we build inside of us."

He stopped talking and started kissing her which she liked much better and then she felt the hands inside her blouse move to the outside and start fiddling with the buttons.

"I don't know…"

He whispered in her ear in that way he had while unbuttoning her blouse. She felt him slip it off of her bare shoulders and then he kissed where it had been, moving to that tender area between the neck and shoulder, biting her softly.

Then the bra fell on the ground too but she didn't notice.

She did feel his hands on her back, as he continued moving his lips down until he approached her breasts…she bit her lip in anticipation…then she remembered where they were.

Her body tensed.

"We can't do this…what if someone comes?"

He chuckled.

"That'll be you…and me now just relax…"

His hands moved towards his own shirt, which he removed and that allowed her to see his chest, broadly muscled and his skin…she reached out to touch him and he felt warm against her fingers.

"I don't know…"

He moved his hands down her back to her ass, which was covered by her mini skirt. She felt the sound of the zipper being tugged down its track, it broke the stillness of the night.

He shoved her skirt down inch by inch, so she barely noticed his progress until she felt the rush of cool air against the bare skin of her legs and the dampness of her panties. He grabbed hold of her and gently pulled her down to the blanket where she lay down looking at him, sheathed only in some silky lace and her abdomen slightly rounded in softness greeted his hands, as he reached for her panties, tugging them off of her down her thighs.

Then he nudged her legs apart and fell in between them, pulling his own slacks down, she noticed the bulge beneath his briefs and looked at him.

"I don't…I'm supposed to have been on the pill but…I decided…"

He covered her protesting mouth with his lips again, pressing hard against them as he lowered his briefs, baring his engorged penis, standing apart from his coarse public hair. She felt it pressing against her, and she threw her head back, as he thrust inside of her…the thickness of him stretching the part of her that tightly sheathed him, he felt hot inside of her, the friction of his gentle movements enticed her as she felt him flex his ass beneath her hands that grabbed it.

His erection slid right into her, deep as it rubbed against her, stimulating the nerves which evoked sensations in her that threaten to push her over the edge. But damn what she had done, she thought. She really had hoped that she'd be able to not surrender to temptation but that thought left her, as he pinned her against the blanket, and moved against her, thrusting harder, as she tried to grip onto him.

Their bodies pressed together, her breasts stimulated by the movement against them by his own chest, as his lips clung to her own.

She mostly focused on his face, partly in shadow, but occasionally looked up at the moon shining down on them, still when he arched his back, and his body tensed, including the part of him inside of her, she braced herself for the uncoiling of tension that had wrapped itself so up inside.

But when the shards broke apart and stroked her pussy in the wake of his thrusting, she gripped harder on his ass, and hugged him tighter between her legs. He rocked against her more violently, though she felt the pleasure simmer once again before tearing through her as she felt him drive even deeper inside.

Then the explosion of warm liquid coating her, but not soothing the burn which spread throughout her body. He clung to her drenched in sweat, and she felt the coolness of the air against her own dampness.

And he looked at her…the way he did that told her he had done what she sensed he might. She rolled away from him, their bodies disconnecting…leaving his warmth behind as she hugged herself with her arms, willing it not to be true.

That like all those other girls before her, she had become not a person but merely an incubator to something larger than herself. So much so, she didn't notice his departure until the warmth faded away to be replaced by an icy wind.