I probably shouldn't say this cause it makes me sound so weak.

But you're the only one I lost when I tried my best to seek.

What we had was so special; I can't believe it's lost.

I guess when you live life vulnerably; you've got to pay the cost.

You know you're the one friend who cared the most about me.

You heard my unspoken words, saw my tears when others couldn't see...

Someone who'd call me in the morning thinking I was crying.

Someone who'd understand my problems without even trying.

I remember calling you up and talking for hours.

I usually don't like to do this, this routine was just ours.

I remember our moms asking us to hang up as it was getting late.

And now we don't even talk, I guess this is what they call fate!

How did you manage to be such a true friend?

How did I manage to mess up and bring it to an end?

And I really hope that someday I'd find someone like you.

A true friend who would stand by me in everything I do.