Even if you don't answer me

I can clearly see

I can feel it in my heart

That though we're apart

You're asking me to hold on so we can meet someday.

I should be happy knowing you're on your way.

But baby you don't know what it feels like

When you shout and your words strike

The wall and the only answer is the own echo,

You have no place to go…

Just know

That I'm on my own, I'm so alone.

I'm even ready to build myself a clone!

But now I know how to recognize you

You'll be the guy who'd call me up when I text him.

You'd be the one who'd make me laugh when my hopes get dim.

Maybe I'm asking too much?

Maybe there's no such

Things as fairy tales come true?

But I know somewhere out there, there's a you.

You're my soul-mate.

You're making me wait.

That's okay.

I know you're on your way…..

A/n: just something I scribbled while writing to my future husband (don't laugh :P). It's not even complete. Maybe he'll finish it and make it readable? Blah. This is just feelings of my heart :P