Our messed up life…

Hey guys! new story-yes I have like 3 other stories... But hey! Anyway, me and Nightshadowmidnight are both writing this-go check her version when she uploads it! Its based on some charaters in her sim(TM) game which represent us. Anyway-Enjoy and REVIEW!! It was a beautiful summer day in Belladonna cove. A small sea side town in the middle of nowhere. It was famous for: The oldest bit of netting. Yes netting. The sun was shining and people were out and about. Families on walks, young people out shopping, old people trying to cross the road... and failing… Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine.

Well every one apart from a small group of girls…

"Screw you sun!! Why the f***ing hell are we outside?" A short girl said while giving the sun not one but two fingers…

"June! Not appropriate language! And put those two fingers away now! Sun light is good for you" Another said looking around at the parents with horrified faces covering their children's ears and leading them away.

"No it's not! I'm a vampire!" Said June shrinking further back into the shade, next to three other girls.

June Reniie: was short with thick brown hair and a some-what violent attitude and a vampire obsession. And swore a whole lot more than she should.
Emma Smith: shoulder length straight brown hair. Also had a habit of swearing. And a computer gaming obsession. She was quite lazy…
Dawn Bowyer: extremely long(Down to waist-ish) brown hair that refused to be dyed. Very smart and a very good singer and was a great street dancer.
Rose Thomas: Hyper. The one used to describe her. Probably the most hyper out of the group. She didn't really swear that much but she did have an extremely dirty mind… and was a huge romance fan.
They all sat in the shade as the other girl (Louise Ross: just above mid-back almost blonde but mainly brown hair. Didn't swear or have a dirty mind and did her best to stop her friends from blowing various things up. And not always succeeding…) sat in the sun light and sighed.

They had taken over two benches in front of a fountain. A bench and a half were under the shade of a huge oak tree. Some idiot had planted it right next to the fountain and very soon roots would begin to rip up the concrete fountain. Well they kind of already had but everyone pretended not to notice. In front of them was a huge war museum about to be opened up that very day. The girls were dragged along by Louise who was determined to get them involved in the community. And failing epically.

"Guys, you know the mayor is opening up the museum? Are there going to be, you know, security?" Asked June

"Nope. He decided the town was safe enough" answered Dawn "Why?"

"Oh no reason. Just curious since people that are important like him usually are surrounded by some glass box or something" she replied.

"no June you are not allowed to blow the mayor up. Or shoot him. Or drop anything else on him. He's already annoyed with you after the town hall incident" Louise told her

"You've got to admit though. It was a pretty impressive explosion! And no one was hurt-heck we ever created more jobs!" Said Emma

"It was legend!" Added Rose. Louise just sighed and checked her watch.

"Hey the mayor should be on in about 5 minutes"

"Yay they said with so much enthusiasm the world smiled" Said Dawn

"When it's over you can have ice cream"

"HURRY UP YOU BLOODY F***IN' MAYOR!!!" Screamed June

"June! Bad words! Now sit down." Louise told her psycho of a friend. June frowned and moved to the opposite end of the bench. A few more minutes passed and the mayor appeared on the steps of the museum.

"We gather here on this fine summers day to celebrate the opening of a proud building to add to our collection-"

"Collection of what?" whisper Emma

"Of grand historic buildings-"

"This only makes three…"

"Emma! Stop that!" Said Louise and shushed her. The mayor continued to drabble on about how amazing the small kind of pathetic costal town was.

"Guys… Where's June?" Asked Rose. Every one stared at the spot where there friend was sitting.

"S***!" said Dawn "And we told her that the mother-f***ing mayor had no protection!"

"Damn it damn it dam it!!" said Louise as she jumped up

"Without further ado…" He cut the ribbon "I declare this building, ope-"

"RARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!" June screamed a war cry, ran straight towards the mayor with a bayonet. Temporarily forgetting the fact the mayor was about to be speared on it she face palmed. Then Dawn stabbed him. The mayor fell to the floor with a bayonet in his shoulder.


"JUNE YOU LEDGEND!" screamed Rose
"LOL!!!" screamed Emma

"DO NOT ENCOURAGE HER!" Yelled back Louise. Meanwhile June had been shot with about 5 tranquilizer darts, was being rugby talked my police but was using karate to defend herself. Until they brought out the taser... Then they finally got her. With sedatives. After they talked the stunned girl to the floor. They dragged her into the back of a police van with Louise talking to a police officer.

Next to the fountain the rest of the girls were laughing at their friends actions. A boy with blonde Justin Biber style hair (As quite a lot of boys have) stared at them then approached.

"What did I miss?" He asked

"Well, June stabbed the mayor with her bayonet-" started Dawn

"I thought Louise confiscated that?"

"She did. This one was from the museum," Dawn continued "And you just missed the most awesome fight between her and the police (Don't worry Emma recorded it) and she has just been dragged on in a police van"

"Damn it! How could I have missed that?"

"Ha ha, stupid John…" Said Emma