Chapter five: Oh god you saddo

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Yet again, Louise was irked. And it was only Monday. She was driving back from the police station from the town next door where June had been put. So Louise had to go bail her out. With the others in tow since she didn't trust them alone in a town of bridges, clubs and bars. And with a big house.

"June" she said through gritted teeth

"Yea?" June replied

"What have you been told about talking to vampires?"

"To not to" she sighed

"So why did I have to come out-"

"LOL! Coming out!" Said Rose who then received Louise's soon-to-be signature death glare and she sunk into her seat.

"So why did I have to come out and pick you up from jail after you got a vampire drunk?" Louise finally continued

"Because I wanted to be bitten…" replied June.

"So because they vampires in Bridgeport wouldn't do it, you went to a different town?"


"You don't see anything wrong with that, do you?" Said Louise, June grinned

"Nu-uh" Louise just sighed and they drove on in silence. Then Dawn had an idea, she gave Rose the secret nod. And Rose secret nodded back. Three, two, one mouthed Dawn


"SHUT UP!" Retaliated Emma "I have a headache!"

"Hang-over still?" Asked Dawn

"Yes" Sighed Emma

"Ha ha, sucks to be you!" Said June. This was followed by even more silence. Louise sighed in bliss. For once in too many days there was pure silence! It gave her head a rest.

"Sooooo…" Asked Rose "Anyone got an IPod? Or some other music player? Or is the radio still broken?"

"Still broken" said Dawn "I tried it this morning"

"How did it brake?" asked Louise

"Well, you see…


A drunken group of young people staggered across a car park. One of them (With long pretty much waist brown hair) offers a car to take home the drunken group (of about seven) home in a car she owns. They all clamber into the car and all somehow fit. But they are crushed in like a tin of sardines so no one can drive. Then at the back of the group someone (Short brown hair) pushes someone which causes a domino effect which then causes everyone to fall onto the radio and this somehow breaks the radio.

End of flashback! D:

"So you see, that is what happened" Finished Dawn. This caused Louise to bang her head against the steering wheel as she stopped at the traffic lights

"Why, why, why?" She repeated over and over again while hitting her head

"We're moving!" Said Rose and Louise instantly shot back up and continued driving as if nothing happened. "But seriously, does anyone have any music?"

"I have mine" started Louise

"Great! Plug it in!"

"But I'm not su-"

"Just plug it in!" Louise sighed and pulled over the car and plugged in her IPod

"There, what do you want to-"she almost got to ask

"Anything!"Said Rose, Louise sighed and pressed play

Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum…
A beat boxer came into the song.
You think I'm pretty, without any make up on…

Sang a male voice…

The others stared at the offending bit of technology

"What. The. F***?" Asked June "Is this?"

"Teenage dream" said Louise not taking her eyes off the road

"By Katy Perry? Because this is not Katy Perry!" Stated Dawn

"Of course not! It's the Warblers! HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL? " Said/Shouted Louise

"Who the f*** are the warblers?" asked Emma. Louise almost stopped the car but instead choose to choke

"HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO THEY ARE? Blaine Anderson AKA Darren Criss is the lead singer!"


"OH MY GOD! YOU POOR DEPIRVED PEOPLE! THE WARBLERS ARE FROM GLEE!" silence filled the car apart from the cover of teenage dream. Ever hear of the calm before the storm? Louise was preparing herself for the storm of abuse

"Glee? Oh my god! You saddo! How can you like that s***?" asked Emma

"It is not s word! IT IS AWESOME!"

"There is only one thing me and glee agree on, they are losers! The admitted it! They KILL every track they do! Have you heard what they did to poker face? Poor song!" said Dawn

"It was a great cover!"

"It sucked" Stated Dawn

"IT DIDN'T! And just for that I'm leaving on the warblers!"

"I bet I can change it…" challenged June. Louise quickly turned off her IPod

"Guess my password" She said and grinned in triumph


Half an hour later, the warblers were on a cover of Animal and Louise was humming along. And the girls still hadn't worked it out…

"Try 'cute'!" Suggested Rose, June typed it in

"Denied! And we have frozen it for another 5 minutes!" June put it down and threw her hands up in the air in defeat "I give up!"

"This journey is turning out better than I thought!" Said Louise smiling

"Right now, I am really p***ed off!" muttered Dawn. It had gotten so bad Emma was banging her head against the window. Which was probably making her hang-over worse. But she really didn't care. She didn't think she could take anymore!

"It's not really that bad… They are better than that girl. The really squeaky one who always sings… Rachel Merry or something?" said Rose and the others turned on her (Well, apart from Louise seeing as she was driving the car) and stared at her in horror

"Rachel Berry" Corrected Louise "Yea, she gets too many solos! Mercedes should get more I think. Oh! Or even better…" Louise babbled on about characters that Dawn really couldn't give a damn about and then finally managed to tune out the awful talk about what she considered a truly awful show. Emma kept hitting her head against the glass. Probably trying to knock herself out thought Dawn I don't blame her! June sighed and also tried to tune out the singing and talk. A small ping sounded

"Yes! Its unlocked!" she said "Hmm… I know! What about squirrel…" She typed it in. Still no luck. Emma hit her head against the window harder and then a thought came to her…

"Louise, what is the pairing name for the two gay dudes?"

"Kurt and Blaine?"

"Yea, those guys"

"Klaine why?"

"June try that!" June typed it in. And got onto the IPod

"Oh my god! Emma you genius!"

"Damn it! I love misery!" Muttered Louise

"Pass it up lovelies!" said Dawn. June gave it to her and Dawn flicked through the music.

"Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift… KATY PERRY! Let's listen to the real version of that song!" Dawn sighed in relief and happiness as what she called the real version of the song.

You think I'm pretty, without any make up on…

"We're home!" Said Louise turning off the car engine and taking back her IPod

"We spent all that time changing the music… For this to happen?" Complained Dawn

"Yup, now get out the car" Demanded Louise "After hearing misery and candles I need to watch original song!"

"Whats original song?" Questioned Emma, regretting the question as soon as it left her mouth.

"Simply the best episode of glee!" Said Louise and she skipped off locking the car as she got inside the house. The others looked at each other and groaned.

"I'm going out" Said Dawn as she set off down the road. She was soon followed by Rose and June

"I might give it a miss, rest my head" Said Emma

"Town or glee?" Summed up June

"Town" And the three girls set off to party. Leaving their friend to obsess over fictional characters.