"Dear Mister LaFontaine,

We accept the fact that we're had to sacrifice one of our saturdays in detention for whatever we did wrong, but we think you're crazy to make us write an essay..."

Oh wait...sorry! Wrong story

Sincerily yours

The Hopewell Club


When a school year begins, you can almost hear the simultaneous cry of all young people trying to get out of bed: the summer ended, and now they had no other choice but to take the books, notebooks and booze and get use to the routine.

Of course, just like a drug or a treatment for hair growth, the results may vary: the beautiful people, the people with resources certainly have a better time than those...without such traits, others simply do as little as they can to just get trought the schoolyear and be admitted into a shitty college, and then proceed and repeat for another four years.

And then...there were Allyson and her friends.

For Allyson, the school was all that time she had to burn in some way or another from getting out of bed and to well, bedtime (in her own words: "everything that is not sleeping, eating or pooping is optional").

"Well sweetie, we're finally here!" Allyson's mother, Colleen, said, with the car stopped outside the gates of the new school: Hopewell High.

"Yes, I noticed it..." Allyson said in a rude tone.

"Allye, two months off are more than enough, you knew that this day would come." Colleen said with a a conciliatory voice (at least she tought); she had to go to the office, and she was not in the mood to endure the tantrums of a bratty emo teenage girl.

"I know, I know..."

"Have a good day at school, I'll see you tonight"

Allyson was still sleepy, trying to get her eyes open, with the hope that sehe was still at bed and that this first day of school was nothing but a dream.

"Beware!"A boy shouted to Allyson, just before getting hit by a ball "Sorry miss!"

And then, Allyson realized that it was not a dream: the lump on her forehead and the inflammation in her left eye felt very real.

The idea of starting high school was difficult enough by itself, since now it was expected more maturity on her part, and this idea gave her chills, but at least in this war against the school system, their peers and teachers, Allye had two allies...sort of.

"Good morning sleepyhead."Jake waved to Allyson.

Jake Zabrocki was Allyson's best friend since they were both in kindergarten, and although it was often unbearable and to be honest a self-declared jerk, he was more than just a good friend, and they could not be separated, and in a way, he was like a brother: annoying and stubborn, but someone she now can't live without, at least as long as she needs weed.

-"Jake, tell me...Do you notice my black eye? Is it too obvious?

"No, not at all ... only when I turn to see it...but otherwise, it's fine!

"How funny" Allyson said sarcastically, unable to understand how someone like Jake could look so fresh and lively, if we consider that the boy would often stay up late at night to watch German porn or just to get high...or maybe is because these very same drugs? Perhaps, but Allye didn't want to find it out.

Both entered to those mysterious halls of their new study center for the next three years, and I say that in the broadest meanings of the words "study center": They attendend to study, AND to be studied (long story: Hopewell High to sustain its budget agreed to make medical tests for pharmaceutical companies at random students)

"Are you scared?" Allyson asked as she and her partner walked in the middle of a group of seniors.

"Allye don'tt worry, just remember: do not look anyone in the eye, do not feed anyone nor make loud noises, and we'll be fine..."

And after these words of wisdom, both heard a familiar voice from the entrance of the school:

"Guys! Here I am! Hello!

" ... And speaking of "loud noises"Allyson murmured.

A young lady, wearing nothing but black clothing, with a smile that was more creepy and joyful, joined to Allyson and Jake, hugging them tightly, happy for finally see them again for the first time since weeks ago.

"Sarah, I love being used as mule as much as anyone else, but could you get off? You're hurting my neck. " Jake said.

"Sorry guys but I'm so excited!

Allyson and Jake were a little worried by that statement: Sarah Greenberg had been their friend since five years ago, when she arrived from Vancouver, not helping at all to the idea that British Columbia is the junkie brother among all the Canadian provincies, and now they learned to predict a important fact of this girl's behavior: that she just cannot be predicted.

"I know that I should not ask because in a Courthouse now I'll could be considered a "colaborateur", but what did you do this time?"Allyson said.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked

"Oh, little Sarah, let me see...well, I'm with Allye this time: the last time you smiled for something was that time when you replaced the water in the neighborhood with Vodka ... it was a good weekend, I admit it ... "Jake stated, smiling slightly at the memory of free liquor.

-"I can't be the only one legitimately excited about returning to school, right?"

"And the time before the incident of Vodka? You know, the giant statue of Manni Pacquiao fighting a four-meter Princess Peach..." Allyson said recalling event.

"It was art!"

"It was made of ground beef! Your smelly "art" just attracted a bunch of dogs!

"Hey, everyone loves the dogs!" And also there were many cats ...and rats ... mice, raccoons and even some seagulls, now THAT'S an achivement! Seagulls in the middle of Ontario!" Sarah answered smiling "But I swear that this time, is simple ... enthusiasm."

"OK, let's go with that" Allye said "By the way, what about your summer? Good? Bad? Celine Dionish?"

"That's like bad, but you know, worse" Jake noticed.

"It was funny, and really I would call it something to see: a nice summer camp, with other 22 teens, and it was nice until the very end of the competition! I'll tell you, the idea of winning a million dollars and escaping from that psycothic host and that scary frightening sadistic chef can really change people and ...

"Sarah did you fell asleep watching that "Total Drama Island" cartoon again right?" Asked Allyson.

"Kind of..."

"It could be worse" Jake mentioned "What if he had fallen asleep with "Saw"... again?"

Despite all their friend's skepticism, Sarah insisted that she was just happy to see them and spend time with them: It was moving attitude, and if you're a little idealistic a sign and example of true friendship, perhaps Allyson and Jake were too cynical to appreciate an honest displays of happiness, and as Sigmund Freud would say: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ..."

The bell rang, and the new students had to attend a special meeting in the auditorium, which was a standard event in Hopewell High, or at least it would have been...

"Oh my God! "What the hell is that?!—That was a statement heard from plenty of the students after seeing the Auditorium ceiling and a very particular display of artistry: the school Principal making out with a Viking drag queen.

"Sarah ... just out of curiosity...Did you have anything to do with ... that? Allyson questioned nervous.

"I think the proportions look a little odd... but still I'm proud!"Sarah said enthusiastically.

Maybe Freud was right at times, but as the great George Carlin would reply:"Well, sometimes, a cigar is just a big brown dick! "

But the Principal, Mister LaFontaine was too busy to actually notice that very detailed piece of work: he had a speech to give:

"Gentlemen! I don't have too much time, so I'll make it brief: Our times are tough and harsh and we are all concerned, but if we don't pass the Mutant Registration Act we will put our nation in risk ...!"

"Director LaFontaine..." Her assitent got closer and whispered to his ear "Did you fall sleep watching a marathon of X-Men again?"

"Oh my ...sorry people, wrong to Hopewell High!"

The director stopped his words after finally realizing about the big homoerotic picture on the ceiling.

"Sarah, do not talk, if you keep your big mouth shut, we're not gonna get into trouble."Allyson said as she put her hands on her friend's mouth to prevent her of saying something stupid, like, I don't know, a confession.

"I do not know what to say" The Principal said "Well, the proportions look a little odd, but otherwise ... it's amazing!"

"What" Allyson and Jake were surprised to see a unexpected good reaction from their new Principal.

-"... Of course, I would never wear...THAT, if you know what I mean, but still, it looks very impressive" She added the Director LaFointaine.

After admiring the paint job of Miss Greenberg, without her friends letting her confess it was her "masterpiece", the Principal just continued her speech, and after normal welcome message, some sappy motivational words, and distribution of "Support the National Register of Mutants" bump stickers, the youngters were ready to officially start their classes.

"I never thought I would live to see it, Sarah, but this guy is crazier than you." Jake said, and these words, as innocuous as they were, were taken very seriously by the young artist.

"What do you mean with "crazier?" Sarah asked, looking a lot more serious than what is usually expected from her.

"Nothing in particular, but you know, I haven't met that much people to see if reacting in that way to damage to the school structure and hot guy-on-drag queen action is normal"

And it was just the beggining...yeah, Hopewell High is one of those schools...

Just before enter to the classroom, Allyson saw him...

"Allye, are you there?" Sarah asked, seeing her friend paralyzed and with her face turning red

"Forget it Sarah, Allye is just too busy to be alive..."

And how could she not? His name was Ryan Logan, he was two years older than Allyson, and he lived in the same street, he plays the lead guitar in a band that refuses to believe that grunge and new wave died years ago...his favorite movie is "Fight Club", his favorite song is "Zero" by the Smashing Pumpkins, and he also..."

"Allye ... Allye!" Jake repeated her name trying to get some reaction.

"I'll take..." Sarah said, puching her friend and blacking her other eye.

"Sarah, the tradition says it only takes a slap!" Allyson said angry after that act of unnecessary violence.

"Look on the bright side Allye! Now you look...simetrical!

"I don't look "simetrical", just like a gothic with cheap make up"

But they did not have the time to argue and discuss about the way a girl punched in both eyes should look: The three kids finally entered the classroom, finding a mix of familiar and new faces: the rich boy, the beautiful girl, the athlete, the comic book club, and the exchange guy barely can speak the language.

"God, look at all those we attend to a TV High School?" Allyson thought.

The day went relatively quiet, and at the end, it seemed that the three had passed trough their first day at Hopewell High with ease.

"It wasn't so bad," Allyson said as she opened her locker

"At least not as difficult as what Atacil had to face: for instance, we can say more than "my name is Atacil" and "Allah is great" Jake said mockingly.

It was a boring and usual day, at least as boring and usual after two black eyes and a bordering pornographic paint, until...

"What is that?"Sarah asked after seeing a note on Allyson's locker

"I do not know ... " Allyson picked it up, unfolded it and began to read it "Oh this...?"

"...a love note?" Jake completed the phrase.

"This is a bit embarrassing ..." whispered Allyson, blushed by the words.

"Indeed, IT IS embarrasing: " I've been watching you for so long?" Who is this guy?" Edward Cullen?" Jakementioned.

"How could read that fast?" Allyson asked.

"When you learn to hack into computer codes to erase your drug use record you have to seize every second"

"Allye has a secret admirer! Like me! "Sarah interrupted,"except that I was the secret admirer, and instead of leaving normal notes, I wrote my notes with my own blood...I can't live in the same city that him"

"OK...who's your secret admirer then? Any signature, clue..blood to get DNA out of it?" Jake made his questions.

It's not of your bussiness"Allyson replied.

"I would care a little more if I had more estrogen in my body, I admit it, but it is surely something interesting"

It was just the first day of school, and it already looked fascinating, and all without the need of explosives or acid ... yet.


NOTE: So, this is my first attempt of a long story in English language, after trying to win the Spanish speaking market, but it is full with cheesy romance stories and I can't compete with that...I'm sure the English speaking section is diferent! (Yeah, right...)

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