One day in Athens, Greece, a large number of people gathered at the Aeginetan theatre in hope to meet the person who helped created a constitution that have made their homeland safer. They have been waiting for this day ever since the renowned lawmaker have created several laws that would punish any offenders in a very serious manners which would prevent the others from committing the same crimes. While the punishments for the crimes are draconian, it still produced the results the laws were made to do so.

"Hey he's coming!" said one of the Athens citizens.

"Really? Are you sure?" said another.

"By the gods it is him!" said a random stranger.

Draco, the famous lawmaker have finally arrived and saw many people shouting his approval. He was touched by the gesture as he thought his laws would let to the people to harbor some resentment for excessively harsh punishments for offenders. However he knew it had to be done and besides, he's a legislator and one of the top ranking officials of Athens. But it turns out however is that those people greeting him were the minorities being that the laws he have written led to death penalties for even the minor offenses, they're highly unpopular. His initial belief of the people's reactions was indeed correct but at this point it's not the time for him to think about that.

"Here he comes!"

As soon as Draco stepped into the theatre, suddenly a large number of gifts including hats, shirts, cloaks, and gold were thrown at him by his supporters as a show of approval. But what they didn't know is that the amount of gifts they threw were so excessive that their beloved lawmaker was then buried until a huge pile, slowly suffocating him to death

With his last breath, Draco silently said, ""

Time after Draco's ironically draconian death, his successor Solon went to rewrote most of the laws to lessen the excess punishment except for homicide. This marks the end of the Draconian Era...for a time anyway.