Made: Monday, May 2, 2011

Time: N/A


Standing tall above the rest

It felt good to crush them all

Always better than everyone else

The higher you are, the harder you fall

(What do you have to be Proud of?)

Jealousy was always your thing

How dare they take what's yours

You'll get your revenge somehow

On those ungrateful little whores

(What's there to Envy when you already have it all?)

Oh the power of the body

The mind's just a meaningless tool

One ride to the next one

The heart is for the fool

(What's love when there's Lust?)

Indulge in your treats

Just can't get enough

They'll never read between the lines

We all see your life is rough

(What's the point in such ugly Gluttony?)

The fire in your heart

Shines brightly in your eyes

They'll never mess with you again

You blocked out their cries

(What are the limits to your Wrath?)

Slow it down a bit

Sleep the day away

Nothing with get through to you

Even as you decay

(What does the Sloth have to live for?)

On top of the world

Just look at all this stuff

You know you'd do it all again

This is still just not enough

(What does the Greedy yearn for exactly?)

Evil, maniacal, ruthless, and mad

Not a single soul around

They'll pick you up with smirks adorned

Then stomp you into the ground

(What are the seven deadly Sins?)