Made: Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Time: N/A


Honest and bright in the end

The one who's not afraid to cry

An open book for every chapter

Can you even see past the lies?

(I swear I'm telling the truth)

Red, white, and blue

Standing tall and proud

Release them from their prisons

Did you know they're not allowed?

(Freedom is a choice I haven't decided to make.)

Bite your tongue until it bleeds

Turn the other way

Deep breaths, in and out now

So what do you have to say?

(Holding it all inside is a sign of Tolerance)

A picture paints a thousand words

But silence is a chore

Build up more walls around you

Can't you do a little more?

(There's no line between Creativity and insanity with me)

Please stand up against the demons

Always so brave against any crime

Be our hero, be our hero

Can you risk your life just one more time?

(My Courage stems from low self-esteem)

You've always been the know-it-all

The mind is the heart's crutch

You watch them all with a sad frown

Is there a thing as knowing too much?

(I know my Wisdom is never heard)

Your heart is open to all around

Beating quickly, on the run

They shake their heads 'never again'

Tell me, deary, is it fun?

(Love only broke my heart)

Full of sunshine and only smiles

No matter the task, big or small

No, they'll never give it up

Are they ready to give it their all?

(I am the seven heavenly Virtues)