KC sat in her office, feeling hungry again. Ever since she'd gotten pregnant, she found that her appetite had increased in leaps and bounds, not to mention that some of her cravings seemed just a bit…weird. Like how right now if she didn't get her hands on some ritz crackers and marshmallow cream but between her and the nearest convenience store stood Delilah who had threatened to raise a ruckus in the office…if she didn't get her own way.

God, she had hoped that Lisa would have just given up after Jack had made it clear that she could threaten to extort his company away from him but that didn't mean it was going to happen. She knew Jack enough to know that Lisa had gone after the wrong ex-fiancé.

But with Delilah in the mix and KC still couldn't figure that mess out, it just complicated matters. She sighed as she reached for her bottled water, feeling she needed something a bit stronger but wasn't taking any chances with her pregnancy.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door and she saw Maureen standing there, with what looked like a black plastic bag.

"What's up?"

Maureen smiled and approached.

"Just some…aids for you know because just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't…have fun with your man."

KC knit her brow, stuck on the first part of her statement.

"What…how do you know?"

"I just do…okay so let's just get down to business here…"


"I'll show you some of the products that will greatly enhance your life during this most special time."

Maureen placed the bag on the desk and started taking items out.

"Here's some massage oil…it's jasmine and lavender, it'll help the muscles relax that become stressed from carrying that weight around."

KC arched a brow.

"What weight…oh you mean later on…"

She picked up the bottle and inspected it diligently, pulling the cap off to smell it.

"Mmmm…that smells nice."

Maureen pulled out the next item which looked like a…

"Is that a…"

Maureen nodded sagely.

"Yes it's a vibrator…it just doesn't look like one."

KC frowned at the purple vinyl object that Maureen handed to her.

"It looks like…like a…"

"Bunny rabbit…yes that's right…it's supposed to…you see most women don't like vibrators that are…phallic."


Maureen just shot her a look.

"Oh come on KC, you have an Ivy League education, you know what that word means."

KC rolled her eyes at the receptionist with a kinky side job.

"Of course I do…you mean that are shaped like a man's….penis."

Maureen chuckled..

"Were you always this shy when it comes to talking about sex?"

KC snorted this time.

"No…I've never been…I just don't know about all these…gadgets."

"Sexual aids…"

"Whatever…anyway I just don't think that it's necessary to…what does it do anyway?"

KC couldn't help but marvel at the vibrator, her fingers exploring its angles and all its parts.

"Oh it's very simple really," Maureen assured her, "The device has over 10 different speeds and 40 different functions…"

"40 different what…?"

Maureen looked at her as if she couldn't believe she could be so obtuse.

"You know just think of it as 40 different ways to make you feel good."

KC nodded but still eyed it carefully, noticing the tiny balls in the middle of what looked like a penile shaft only vinyl and purple.

"What do these do?"

Maureen smiled.

"Oh they whirl from the vibrations and when you…use the vibrator, it provides the best sensations…and you see this thing here…it's the clitoral tickler…so that while you're thrusting it in and out, your clitoris will get full stimulation."

KC's face pinked a bit.

"Actually I call it my buzz button…"

Maureen waved her hand.

"Whatever…anyway the dual sensations will drive you to multiple organisms so intense, your body will convulse with pleasure that's almost painful…"

KC wasn't sure she liked the promise of pain. Maureen must have seen her look of concern because she smiled.

"Oh no…it's not the way you think…it's pleasure to the point you almost can't stand it."

Now KC understood because after all, she had been experiencing some intense climaxing in the past couple of months with Jack. That's why she didn't really need to get off with a purple rubber bunny.

Maureen read her mind.

"It's for those times when you…he can't do it…later on in your pregnancy…you're going to be somewhat larger and it's not going to be as easy."


"At the same time, orgasms are felt so much more intensely during later pregnancy because of all the blood flow…down there so you don't want to miss out."

KC sighed, thinking Maureen had a point but what about Jack?

"That's fine for me but what about…"

Maureen brightened again.

"Aw yes…your man…well this is the time to prime up those oral skills and I have just the thing here for that…"

KC bet she did as it seemed that Maureen had every exotic device she could think of inside that black bag.

"This is where I'm going to share with you some information about body paints…complete with samplers…"

KC listened as Maureen continued with her sales pitch.

Jack drove through the city thinking about KC and hoped that she'd be in the office working so he could have a talk with her about Lisa's latest threats. He had no intention of ever giving up his company or caving into this forced marriage with her. But he still hadn't come up with the perfect plan to get rid of her or at least divert her attention elsewhere.

He parked his car in the garage and headed to the elevator knowing that more than likely Delilah would be up there waiting for him. But he wouldn't give in to her demands either even if her poison pen continued to try to push him towards Lisa…seriously he didn't know what Delilah's angle was in this whole deal. Most matrons of honor wouldn't be so dedicated to helping the brides and he seriously doubted that Delilah truly cared about anyone besides herself. So somewhere in this situation, she had staked out an angle for herself probably apart from Lisa.

It was just a matter of figuring out what that might be and perhaps using it against her to stop Lisa.

The elevator door opened and Delilah sat there on the empty desk. He didn't see Maureen anywhere.

"Took you long enough to get here."

"I work here…I own the building, what are you doing here?"

She shrugged.

"I am here to work on that article about how you cruelly and mercilessly walked out on the woman who loved you…the one who would marry you."

Jack sighed.

"It was her decision too…"

Delilah folded her arms.

"Only because she felt that you'd walk out on her at some point," she said, "or you'd be married more to your business than her."

Jack clenched his jaw.

"So that's why she wants to take my company away from me or hold it hostage until I do agree to marry her?"

She shrugged again.

"Something like that…I'm not an expert at figuring out Lisa…but that might be close."

"It's not going to work," he said, "I'm not marrying her and she's not getting my company. If you're her friend then maybe you should go back and explain that rather than waste anymore of my time…"

Delilah just looked at him.

KC examined the body paints much more closely…raspberry, cherry, sour apple and her favorite margarita.

"If you breathe on them first, they'll heat up," Maureen instructed, "increases the sensations."

KC just sat in her chair wondering when her sex life with Jack had been everyone else's business. Now everyone would know that he'd knocked her up and it would spread like wildfire through the building. She'd worked so hard alongside him to gain respect as an intelligent and professional business woman and now everyone's going to think she had gotten where she was in between the sheets.

"Okay so it looks like you like the margarita," Maureen said, digging into the bag, "here's some more but you have to try the pina colada too."

KC took some of those packets and stuck them all inside her drawer. Maureen looked up suddenly and looked towards the door.

"Looks like Jack got here and I'm sure Delilah's not left but it's time to get rid of her."

Maureen reached into her bag and pulled out a leather whip with a gemstone adorned handle which she uncoiled to its full length with a quick snap of her wrist. Obviously the woman had some practice.

KC groaned and she sat there as Maureen left the room to deal with Delilah.

She looked up in a moment and saw that Jack stood in the doorway of her office. When he saw her puzzled look, he smiled, leaning against the door jam.

"Maureen persuaded her to leave," he said, "painlessly, she was too startled to make a fuss."

KC nodded…pushing her door closed but not everything had been tucked away and when Jack's eyes widened, she knew why.

She'd forgotten about the purple vinyl passion bunny. He picked it up, arching a brow at her.

"Is this what I think it is?"

She tilted her head looking up at him.

"Yeah sure is…Maureen was talking about all its speeds and functions."

He handled it and then put it on the desk.

"Well we'll just have to check them all out later on," he said, "but in the meantime…I've got other tools to show you."

She smiled up at him as she stood up out of her chair to walk towards him…sliding her arms around his waist as she drew him close. He accepted her invitation by brushing his mouth against her slightly parted lips, nipping at them with his own lips…hugging them.

When his tongue traced the seams of those lips, she gasped unable to help herself. His mouth consumed her so it burned…the scent of his power surrounded her as he hoisted her onto the desk in one swift move…before she saw it coming. His body parted her thighs with another deft movement and she hugged his legs with her own as he caressed her hair off of her face and tasted her mouth again, this time sliding his tongue inside her mouth…tracing the insides…so her body shivered and she found herself suckling his tongue.

His hands rode her skirt up her thighs…inflaming her bare skin which had longed for his tough since she last saw him…she reached her own hands to work his fly…and before long she had pushed his pants and briefs down his legs…while he made short work of her lacy panties.

His fingers brushing her soft curls outside her rosy lips, while her own hands wrapped around his erection…just before their bodies met. He thrust inside of her in one motion, her pussy stretching to accommodate him, causing her to suck in her breath before she kissed him again. The desk creaked as he thrust against her and she met him each time, their bodies joined before the retreat, then he'd push even deeper through her slickened walls while she held onto him.

"Oh god…."


They kept urging each other on…as first he rode her and then with a subtle shift, she rode him. Neither caring that they were inside her office and leaving the events of the day and weeks behind for a little while…so focused they were on each other.

And after she cried out her orgasm against him just before his own shook them both, he realized that the only woman he wanted to marry was in his arms.