He was a spoiled, semi-rich, unbelievably annoying bitch. Every time he went to open his mouth to make some smart remark was another moment I forced myself to resist shattering his jaw. His voice was annoying, the way he stood was annoying, but more than that, the way he looked was annoying. Everything about him sent me into a spiraling rage, and now, with the shocked look spread across his face, which was slowly returning to anger and general bitchiness. I glared downward into his smug eyes, the ones that saw I had no intention of harming him, even though every nerve in my body begged me to do so. He realized this the first time I ever told him to shut his stupid mouth before I made him. Shit, I hated him, if not for the reasons mentioned before, than simply because he saw through me. I was harmless, at least, to him.

Eventually I loosened my grip on his shoulders, pulling my hands back down to my sides, clenched into balls, still not ready to let him go. He watched me with that bored expression, edged me on with his smirk, but I resisted, I had too, if I hit him once, what was to stop me from doing it again? I sighed, expelling most of the anger from my body, I didn't bother to back away, to widen the short gap between our bodies, and he didn't move from his new position against the wall. Instead he relaxed against it, leaning on it making him even shorter than before.

"I knew you weren't going to," He started, smirk still firmly on his face; my nerves itched to wipe it off his face. "But I am a bit disappointed, I expected moreā€¦"

He sighed like someone who'd just returned from a bad performance, after all the hype built it up. I stared at him, almost incredulous of how lightly he took my anger, I snapped. He was on the ground before I could react to my own action. Instantly my nerves stopped tingling with anticipation, and I stared downward, watching him push himself up. Wide eyed I noticed the smirk; I swear there was no life-preserving thought in his entire body.

"Now that," He said, exhaling the words. "Was more like it."