Recently I clearly noticed that you have changed. You've became more and more like the person I was jealous of when she was with you. But now, you two are exactly like two peas in a pod in terms of personality. Maybe she wasn't with you, but she was your extremely close friend. I didn't like it one bit. I decided to stop liking you, but I couldn't. All day long, my head was enveloped by the thoughts and memories of you. Whenever I opened my eyes, though, you weren't there anymore. I wanted you to be mine. Forcefully mine, willingly mine – I did not care. I just wanted you selfishly. I wanted your forever beautiful face and eyes. I loved your jacket stained with the scents of yours. And that pink lips—I wanted to kiss them. You were so beautiful even after you changed your appearance by a bit. You cut your hair and changed those abnormal spectacles I wanted to wear. I wanted so much, to be with you all day long… but for one today, I could only see you for 5 minutes. It's true; I needed to see you more. I needed your gentle angel-like voice to get me through the day. I needed to see you.

Even though sometimes you never cared for me and sprouted those hurtful words out of irritant, I still loved you. Since January 12, I loved you until now. Yes, until now. Only until now will I stop loving you. If I shut down my heart from you, I will definitely, painfully, get rid of all these memories. They weren't worth anything much, but hopefully the love I gave you was not visible. It was silent, like the snow falling on the ground. It never spoke a word. I only watched you from behind a wall. I loved you. But I knew you weren't the one for me. It's time to give you up. I wrote your name on a piece of paper and threw it into the big sea. Freedom, she speaks. You were freedom. Search for the right one. I'll be right here waiting for you even though you will never know. I might be waiting for nothing.

But it is all worth it because it's for you.