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She is always better than I am, or ever will be. She is the clever one, the good one, the sporty one. Everyone likes her, and she likes everybody. Don't get me wrong. I know I will always come first to her, and she to me. After all, twins are supposed to be best friends, just like we are. She will never boast or brag, or hurt me. But when she gets full marks for her tests, and I barely pass, or when I trip over my own feet while she runs all the way in front, I can see the look in other people's eyes. The sympathetic look. The look they get when wondering why one twin is so brilliant while the other… Well, let's just say I am a failure. And my flaws are all the more obvious when compared to her. Her wonderful looks, her glorious results, her bright heart. Her shining soul. She is the closest to an angel than any other that I have ever met.

Even in birth, she was the better one. She came into this harsh world so easily, as easily as she does so many other things. But, as usual, I was the bad one, the difficult one. My mother almost died birthing me. Even after I came out, when my poor mother was exhausted, I cried non-stop for hours. I only stopped when the nurses had the sense to put my sister beside me. I quieted almost instantly when I first saw my sister, she who I would depend so much on, she who I would love so much, she who was a blessing to the world.

When we were younger, it did not matter so much. We were companions, best friends, and that was all we cared about. Then our parents started to test us. That day was horrible, that day when my mother lost her temper and asked why I was so stupid, why I could never do anything right. As usual, my twin comforted me, but that was the first time I felt the full, heavy blow of my inadequacies. The day when I realized all that my sister has and I do not. The day I started hating myself. And many more such incidents were yet to come.

People look up to her; she is a natural leader. She is a natural at everything. She only needs one or two tries to master something, whereas I take days, weeks, months. She tries to teach me, but it is a hopeless case. We both know it, but she still tries her best. Maybe the one thing she does not excel at is teaching me. No matter how strong her will, how sharp her mind or how caring her heart, my flaws will always pull her down. Maybe I am an accident, a mistake, a curse to my family. But no matter what I do, my sister always forgives me, always helps me, always guides me. She is the shining star, whereas I am the downtrodden patch of dirt on the floor. She is the angel, whereas I am the shadow. She is the queen, while I am the slave.

We are always together if we have a choice. There are so many differences, but deep down, something matches inside us and pulls us together. Something that we were born with. Our bond is stronger than any other. At the very least, nobody can take my sister away from me. My dear twin, my wonderful sister, my best friend.