This is a new style of poetry for me hope you like it


All girls are goddesses

Goddesses who whirl

Whirls like curls

Curls and clothes

Our clothes are what shows who we are

We are all like a star

A star that shines bright

Bright in the night of the rumors

Rumors are like tumors

Growing and mean

Mean that's unseen

How did it start?

The start was this part

The part that cut deep

So we took a leap

A leap that made us fall

And as we fall we were caught

Caught and brought back

Back to where we belong

We just have to be strong

We can fight

Fight through the night

We can dream

Dream no matter how it may seem

Even when we want to scream

It's true I'm telling you

No matter what we say or do

We know

We know that we need to show

Show compassion

Compassion for those

Those who don't have the 'right' clothes

It doesn't matter

Look and see

See the real me

Don't see what they say

They don't know what they're talking about anyway


Rumors grow like tumors

They get bigger and nastier

Nastier faster than you know

And oh it does show

But really

Really we're all just silly

Because we think we know it all

Like what caused her to fall

But we don't

And really we won't

Not unless she tells us

We can't understand

That she just needs a helping hand

A helping hand so she can stand and fight

Fight for her right

Her right to live her right to prove who she is

So that we can see

That the writing on her arm

The cuts that were harm

Were really just to feel

To make sure she was still real

Because she was hurt

She was lost

And her pain was the cost to be found

Found and put an arm around

So now you see

You see the real me

And so you know

K now that it was just a show

And that what you see isn't always real

And curls and clothes

Are like a rose

Beautiful but fragile

Band together and be strong

Then we'll be where we belong

For every girl is a goddess

A goddess standing tall