I talked to you once,

but you held me twice

in which seemed to

last for a lifetime.

There isn't a dime

that I can give to

you as pay back

for everything

that you have

done for me.

One day you

stood as tall

as a tree until

death cut you

down. Heaven

bound, you

were free to

breathe on your

own without having

anything to hold

you back. You were

gone too soon just

like afternoon sunset

and I bet Jesus smiled

the moment he saw

your face. Torn from

your tomb, your mother's

womb, your heart now

rests in Jesus' hands. May

angels lead you in, hear

you me, my friend to places

where there is no end to

your happiness. I miss you

so much, Oh, how I wish you

were here with me in places

where I feel all alone and

hopeless. You are gone, but

unforgotten for you are always

with me in spirit.