(If I Could)Rewind Time

If you screamed it into the sky

I would make it rain

If you pounded it into the ground

I would end all of your pain

If you bled it out of spite

I would try to fill your soul

If you sent it all away

I would give you what I owe

Instead, I sit head hung low, here alone

Wondering why I ever let you go

You are the best part of this withered heart

It breaks in two as me and you part

Your half still in my hand, this was never planned

My half crumbles while I try to understand

My own thoughts betray, on this, the saddest day

It's the anniversary of when you went away

I'd give up this life and start anew

If you only realized how much I needed you

I died a little inside that day when you said goodbye

I threw it all away, to save face, and even now I defy

All the thoughts that are flowing through my mind

If I could find a way to rewind time, I'd be more kind

I would tell you all the things that a woman ought to hear

But I bit my tongue, and filled my lungs, and made you disappear

I exhale a cloud of smoke, and your image floats away

I take another shot of sorrow, tomorrow is just another day