A little country boy,

In a time more simple,

A sweet country boy,

Just shy of being a man,

Drew a wild card.

His card was in the shape of a beautiful woman,

With bedroom eyes,

That had called to so many others.


He followed his wild card,

The untamable gypsy soul.

He chased her across lands,

He never dreamed of seeing,

All the while

Watching the curves

That danced on his wild card.

She, the gypsy woman with the bedroom eyes


He, the sweet little country boy,

In her arms.

She held him for a night,

And his wild card made him a man.

She was his heart's desire,

This glimmering minx,


In the darkest of night

He believed he had tamed the untamable woman.

But when he awoke

He was alone

And he realized

His wild card was nothing at all.