A/N: So, I decided to do a sort of companion thing for Into the Night, Back to Hell and I Found Away. This will contain spoilers for all three, so only read if you don't mind knowing, for example, what may happen later in I Found Away. As always, reviews of a decent length will be returned, and constructive criticism is always a great thing for me.
Basically, these are letters, diary entries, e-mails etc. that document what happened before, during and after the 'blast' in the three stories. Enjoy.

Classified. For Rank Six Amaris employees only.
All documentation has been gathered since the initial blast. To be kept in Vault #433. References to the blast, the creation of, and the aftermath.

In case of collapse of Amaris, these files must be destroyed.

The following are diary entries from former employee, Richard M. Cooks (2006 – 2032) who killed himself after the blast, and e-mails between various Amaris employees regarding The Harris Chemical, a chemical used by Amaris to induce various effects depending on the genetic make-up of an individual.

June 22nd, 2030

One year, nine months before the initial blast

Diary of Richard M. Cooks
Research scientist for Amaris Corporation

They have given me a new project to work on. I have gathered the team together and gone through what little information Amaris have passed on. It's strange; I am still convinced that they have various groups working on the same projects, giving some information to one group and different information to another. An odd way to work, but one we must move around.

Emily has asked, time and time again, why I don't just quit. Perhaps I should stop sharing my worries with her and keep them to myself, instead. She doesn't understand. The debts my father left were not to the kind of people who accept death as a valid excuse to not pay them back. I need the money that Amaris give me. It is plenty enough to keep us in a comfortable state of living, as well as giving me the extra to pay back my father's loans.

We have a new junior researcher. He came straight from University in London and started working here. He has that eager, bright eyed look I have seen disappear from so many of our eyes. Everyone here looked like that once. He darts around, offering his help to anyone on everything. It is a relief, in some ways, to have someone so fresh here again. It has been too long.

The work we are doing at the moment is to do with a new chemical Amaris have developed. It's strange, because I remember no mention of this previously. I even looked through the diary to check, and the name appears nowhere.

We are to test it on mice and study the effects. So far, we have built the chamber in which to place the mice. It is large enough, with devices for fresh air supply and a bottle for them to drink water from. Tomorrow, we will place the mice inside and insert the chemical via the air. I am hoping that Amaris are testing a new drug, one which will revolutionise the field. I can dream, and pray. That is all.

From: Jonathon Cole, Amaris Industries (.)
To: David Bridge, Amaris Corporation (.)
Date: 22/06/2030
Subject:The Harris Chemical

Passed onto the research team under Richard Cooks. Should know results in few days. Matthew Elton's team are working on the actual blast side, testing how far the radius would reach and in what range instant death would occur. Attached is the formula sheet that Harris created.
J. Cole

June 23rd, 2030

Diary of Richard M. Cooks
Research scientist for Amaris Corporation

Three hours, forty-three minutes since we injected the chemical into the air supply of the mice. Effect on some was almost instant; I saw one immediately attack another. It would seem that he was the stronger of the two; he managed to kill the other mouse before we could remove it. What worries me is what happened to one of the other mice; one hour, thirty-two minutes into the experiment it started to emit a strange glow around its body. I have yet to see more results.

June 24th, 2030

I am worried about what we have done.

I received an e-mail from David Bridge, requesting that I put a new set of mice in and inject the chemical straight into their blood stream. The results were instantaneous. I and the others watched as another of the mice started to glow, as Mouse #3 did yesterday. Mouse #6, today, looked like he was on fire. It did not seem to bother him, but when other mice drew close they quickly backed away.

I question what Amaris plans to do with this.

July 2nd, 2030

Letter from Richard M. Cooks to Emily Cooks. Undelivered, taken by Amaris before it could leave the facility.

I need you to go to the police. Amaris are planning something huge and I fear it will change the face of the world forever. They have been testing explosives, and testing the Harris Chemical alongside them. They are planning on mixing the two together and if they do that then the results will be disastrous.
Get hold of someone, darling. I love you.

Richard xxx

From: Jonathon Cole, Amaris Industries (.)

To: Sienna Dole, Head of Security at Amaris Corporation (.)
Date: 2/07/2010

Silence Richard M. Cooks. Do not kill.

July 3rd, 2030

Taken from the desk of Richard M. Cooks

They have cut out my tongue. Brutal, barbaric. I would have thought they could do something more advanced than that. They said the world would end in 2012; from what I have seen, the date is closer to March 2032, and it won't be some freak, natural accident. No, it will be a bomb, and it will come from the hand of Amaris.

Richard Cooks was detained by Amaris and later declared insane. He killed himself sometime between March 21st and March 30th, 2032.