File #3

The following documents detail meetings between Rhys Rhyd and members of Amaris, main base in London. They refer to the testing taking place in Kent, Newport and Bristol. Rhyd's attempts to bring forward human testing were successful. The following documents are from November – December 2030, initial stages of human testing with Harris Chemical.

November 19th, 2030

One year, four months before blast

Transcript of meeting between Rhys Rhyd (Rank Six), Thomas Disk (Rank Eight), David MacLeod (Rank Eight) and Benjamin Parker (Rank Ten).

RR: Good morning, gentlemen.

TD: What is it, Rhyd?

RR: I have news regarding the testing of the Harris Chemical, conducted under Jonathon Cole and David Bridge.
DM: We are on schedule to start human testing in February, yes?

RR: Yes, sir. But I have come to get permission to move the testing forward.

BP: Forward? How far forward?

RR: Well, sir, the testing on all laboratory animals have been very successful. We are ready to test the chemical itself, without the blast, on humans. We have been trying to get the chemical, with the blast, ready to test on primates, but so far...

BP: I have read the documents. The blast simply incinerates the rodents you are using, does it not?

RR: Yes, sir.

TD: What about the chemical itself? What sort of effect is it having, at the moment?

RR: Well, have seen the effects themselves, correct? The mutations that take place when certain animals are exposed to the chemical?

TD: Of course.

RR: Well, we have drawn up some conclusions regarding the effects. From what we have been able see, it seems that the effect produced is linked to that animal's DNA. So, for example, if you have two unrelated rats, one of them may emit the strange light we have seen. The other may produce an intense heat which has the ability to hurt, not them, but others around it.

DM: Your point, Rhyd?
RR: I am getting to that, Mr MacLeod. Basically, if you have two rats that are related – siblings, for example, - it is more likely that both will have the same mutation, the same infection.

DM: And you feel the same will be seen in humans?

RR: Yes, sir.

DM: Based on...

RR: The research on primates, sir.

DM: Has the research on the chemical, with the bomb, started yet?

RR: No, sir.
DM: It was scheduled to start in October.

RR: It was, sir, but I am afraid there were complications with some of the scientists.

DM: I see.

RR: The human testing...

TD: Return tomorrow, Rhyd. We will tell you then.

Human testing of the Harris Chemical was moved forward to December; chemical/chemical bomb combined testing commenced in late November.

December 6th, 2030

Letter from Mr. Kurt Jones to Mrs. Maria Jones

Kent, England.


Hope everything is OK at home. I would have e-mailed but at the moment, they're keeping us in quarantine so that nothing effects the tests they want to conduct. We were met at the station by Mr. Rhyd, a friendly guy who even let us stop of at a pub on the way to the institute, for some food. There, he explained about the quarantine but said we could write home to inform our parents we're OK.

Which, I guess, is why I'm writing this.

The institute is pretty sweet, to be honest. We had a day before quarantine, and they had a games room we were allowed to go in. It's cool, mum! They fed us anything we asked for – they're looking after us really well. And, there's a few kids here who said they'd never finished A Levels. They want the money to go towards their education and Mr Rhyd insisted that wouldn't be necessary. He said that Amaris would give us money towards education – college or University – after the testing, if we wished.

He asked me what I wanted the money for.

I told him about home. I told him about you, and dad, and Rob. He seemed quite touched when I said we just wanted somewhere a little nicer to live. And, guess what, mum. Amaris are going to pay for Rob to get private treatment!

I told you things would be fine.

Anyway, I've enclosed the first cheque they've given us – take Rob to Alton Towers or something, yeah?

Love to you, dad and Rob.

Kurt xxx

December 10th, 2030

Letter from Miss Sheila Smith to Miss Rebecca Smith

Kent, England
Run, Rebecca. Get the hell out of the country before they manage to complete whatever fucked up thing they're doing.

It's too late for me.

I love you, sis.


December 14th, 2030
Rhys Rhyd
Location: Kent, England
Testing Records

Test Subject #1 – Kurt Jones.
Test Subject #2 – Sheila Smith.
Test Subject #3 – James Carmel.

Test Subject #4 – Richard Carmel.
Test Subject #5 – Carmen Potts.
Test Subject #6 – Marie Cohen.

#1 exhibited signs of stress upon contact with the chemical. Collapsed. When revived, was healthy and able to walk in a few minutes. Conduct more tests.

#2 was out for longer. Chemical caused her to have an asthma attack before collapsing. When revived, heat emitted from body in strong force. Unable to approach. Has been placed in holding cell. Attempted to write letter to sister; letter has been stored.

#3 + #4, twin brothers. Same reaction. Did not collapse, but immediately after contact emitted light from bodies. Light is not stable; seems to be connected to emotions. Have been detained, waiting for medical tests.

#5 – hysterical. Unable to see effects at moment. Detained.

#6 – deceased. Awaiting autopsy results.

December 15th, 2030
Notes found in rooms of test subjects; scrawled on scrap pieces of paper.
Location: Kent, England

Handwriting identified as #1 – Kurt Jones, found in his room.
Something strange is happening to me, I can feel it. I don't know what they've done to me but Rhyd won't stop asking questions – he says we're going to go run tests soon and I'm scared. I'm constantly warm, and it feels like there's this unbelievable energy boiling inside of me that I can't stop...
If anyone finds this, please tell my mother I loved her...

Handwriting identified as #2 – Sheila Smith, found in holding cell.

They've done something awful to me. I hope my sister gets my letter. I don't believe in God so why am I praying to one? I can't cool down; there are no windows in here and they just stuffed me in here and have left me to rot. When I woke, they looked scared, terrified of me. Chest feels clear, somehow, although...I keep...there's fire coming from me. It doesn't hurt me but...but...what is happening to me?

Help me!

Handwriting identified as #5 – Carmen Potts
Kill me.

December 20h, 2030
Rhys Rhyd
Location: Kent, England
Testing Records

Test Subject #1 – Kurt Jones – tests revealed that #1 has managed to gain a sort of super-speed from the chemical. Not something we witnessed in animals, or something we saw in them anyway. Placed in holding cell. Conducting more tests. Seems to be healthy apart from speed.

Test Subject #2 – Sheila Smith – still emitting heat. Impossible to stand near girl for more than two minutes. Whole room feels like a sauna, although she seems to be hot the heat doesn't seem to have as much effect on her as it does on others. Health seems stable, although there are some changes which could cause complications later.

Test Subject #3 – James Carmel – light is undeniably connected to emotions. #3 demanded to be let go; light grew intensely bright, filled whole room. Those who witnessed it complained of headaches for rest of day.

Test Subject #4 – Richard Carmel – collapsed late last night. Have been unable to revive. Under watch.

Test Subject #5 – Carmen Potts – still hysterical, eyes are completely black. Hasn't moved from where we placed her after the test. Keeps hissing that we have doomed them all.

Test Subject #6 – Marie Cohen – autopsy results returned. Bad reaction to chemical – seems to have burnt her insides badly.