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Chapter 5


Luke Gregory.

Oh, shit.

Now, I know what you're thinking, and it's not like that. Me and Luke? Aw, hell no! I wouldn't sleep with that man if he was the last person on earth!

I quickly scrambled to my feet, not wanting to be in kicking range of the bigger guy. He glowered at me, his eyes bloodshot and his stance unsteady.

Ah. He's drunk. That explains his irrational actions.

Luke Gregory is a jock. Not, just any jock, but the head jock. You know the guys. Captain of the football team, soccer team, and all around popular little snot-head. He was built like an ox, with a temper to match.

Unfortunately, he has a little sister that he's completely overprotective of, and, guess what? One day, she set her sights on me and tried to win me over. When I told her to fuck off (with a few more expletives, yes, I admit), she ran crying to her brother, giving him a totally fake story about me leading her on, or something like that.

The fucker still doesn't believe I didn't do that. Even when I told him I was gay, nope. He thought I was just saying that to get out of trouble. And he's been after my hide ever since.

I tensed, ready to move if he attacked. The barn had gone strangely silent, someone switching off the music as everyone waited silently to see what happens next.

Jee, thanks for the help. Bastards.

"Uh, hey Luke," I said, watching him closely. "How've you been?"

He growled, clenching his fists. "You messed with my little sister."

Ugh, that makes me sound like a pedophile. For your information, his supposed 'little sister' is 16.

"Look, I didn't do anything to your sister. It was just a misunderstanding," I said, holding my hands up in a placating gesture.

"Are you calling my sister a liar?"

Better tread careful here. "No," I said, voice steady as I shook my head. "There was just...a simple miscommunication."

He blinked, and I could practically hear his brain whir as it processed the big word I'd used. I took the opportunity his confusion offered me to edge closer to Matt, planning to grab him and skedaddle out of here.

Luke must have realized what I was doing, though, because his arms snaked out faster than I would have thought possible. Before I could stop him, his hand wrapped around Matt's arm, hard enough to make Matt wince.

I growled, my body hot with angry fire at the nerve of this man to touch my boy.

"Oh, who's this?" Luke asked, breathing right in Matt's face. "You're little faggot friend?"

Giving Matt a little shake, Luke grinned, his face ugly. Matt made a small sound of pain, his eyes narrowed as he tried to break Luke's grasp.

"Let him go, Luke," I said, my voice low.

"Or what?"

"Or you're dead."

Luke narrowed his eyes, curling his lip. "Little-"

Matt suddenly lashed out and smacked the side of Luke's head, not able to get in a good punch because of his angle. Luke turned red, his eyes glittering with anger. He raised his free hand back, and I watched in practically slow motion as it headed for Matt.

Noticing the danger, Matt quickly ducked, so the punch glanced off his shoulder, but he still winced in pain. In pain. My Matt, in fucking pain!

I saw red.

Without thinking, I jumped Luke, punching him in the face with as much force as I could muster. He had to be at least three times my size, but I had surprise on my side. He let go of Matt with a sharp cry, quickly shoving me off him and back onto the floor.

All of a sudden, Ched was there. Ah, my hero, at last he arrives!

Putting Luke in an unbreakable headlock, Ched nodded at me and Matt, jerking his head towards the door. Getting his message, I scrambled to my feet, then grabbed Matt's hand and pulled him after me as I ran for the door, grabbing our jackets on the way out.

Leaping into the truck, I started it up, then quickly peeled out, roaring down the driveway and heading for the road.

"What about everyone else?" Matt suddenly asked. "How will they get home?"

"They'll hitch rides. That's what they usually do," I said.

After a few minutes of silence and constantly checking my rear view mirror for pursuers, I gave a sigh of relief, letting my foot relax a bit on the gas pedal. Glancing over at Matt, I saw him absently rubbing his arm, a faint bruise already breaking out on his pale skin.

I suddenly cursed, slamming my hand against the wheel, making Matt jump. Giving a shaky sigh, I slumped in my seat, resting my elbow on the window ledge and cupping my head as I drove.

"I'm sorry, Matt," I whispered, keeping my eyes straight ahead.

Matt was silent for a seconds, and I heard him move around in his seat. Finally flicking my eyes over towards him, I found him sitting on his knees, facing me. Crawling towards me, I felt my eyebrows raise as he maneuvered himself around until he was sitting in my lap, his head tucked beneath my chin and his back facing the driver-side door.

"This is really dangerous, you know," I mumbled, my heart hammering, both from adrenaline, and something more that only Matt does to me.

He hummed, running his fingers lightly over my chest. "I accept your apology."

I chuckled, my free hand traveling down to his waist, my finger tracing the thin line of skin between his shirt and jeans. Bumping against his hip bone, I suddenly sobered, realizing how easily he could have gotten hurt worse than he had. Fuck, that he'd gotten hurt in the first place was all my fault!

Feeling a bit unsteady, I pulled over to the side of the road, putting the truck in park, but leaving it on. Wrapping my arms around Matt, I buried my face in his hair, his own arms wrapping around me in return.

"Who-who was that guy?" he asked after a few minutes of silence.

"A guy from my old school. His sister started stalking me, and when I told her I wasn't interested, she ran crying back to her bigger, older brother. Said I led her on, or shoved her, or some other such nonsense. I told him it wasn't true, but that didn't stop him," I muttered darkly. "After all, he believed the word of his sister over me."

Matt leaned back, staring up at me with his green jewels. Reaching up, he cupped my cheek in his hand, causing me to close my eyes and lean into his touch.



"What are we?"

I peeked at him out of one eye. "What do you mean?"

He suddenly blushed, amazing me. Damn, he hardly ever blushes. It looks hot on him.

"I-I mean...like, what are we? Friends? O-or...more?"

I opened my other eye, giving him a strong, unwavering stare. "I would like to be more."

He bit his lip, his eyes flickering down. "Me, too," he whispered.

Tilting his head up, I pressed my lips to his in a soft kiss, our eyes locked as we explored each others mouths. Matt's eyes fluttered closed when I changed the angle, sliding my tongue harder against his, making him whimper.

Gently pulling back for air, I looked at Matt's flushed, dazed expression, feeling my own cheeks burn and my lips tingle.

"Bryan," Matt breathed, "If you're gonna ask me out, then do it right."

I chuckled at his pushy, ordering tone. Bumping my forehead against his, I looked his in the eyes and felt my stomach explode in a mass of butterflies. Hiding my shaking hands by grabbing his waist, I quickly kissed the tip of his nose.

"Would you go out with me, Matt?" I asked, my voice quiet.

"Yes," he said, giggling.

Grinning, I let out a relieved breath I didn't know I was holding. "Good. Cool. Awesome."

Matt chuckled at my rambling words. "Now, lets go back to the house. It's getting cold out here, and I'm tired."

Grinning, I tangled my fingers in his hair as I pulled back onto the road and headed home, tucking his head against my chest.

Man, I felt like I was on cloud nine! He-he said yes! Matt is officially mine! I felt my heart pounding in my ears and all along my body, heightening my senses so I could easily smell Matt's unique scent. Pressing random kisses to the top of his head as I drove home, I couldn't keep the grin off my face even if someone paid me to.

Matt was asleep by the time we reached home and I parked the truck, turning it off. I continued to sit in the truck as it slowly began to cool, simply holding Matt in my arms. His ass was tucked against the front of my jeans, and I was having a ― ahem ― hard time keeping it PG.

But, this was Matt. I didn't want to rush things with him. Even though I wanted to be buried all the way to the hilt inside his sweet heat, there was no way I was rushing this and screwing something up. I mean, I just got him. I'm not gonna lose him over something stupid as sex.

Stupid as sex.

Stupid as sex.

Haha, oh god, listen to me. Calling sex stupid.

I. Am. Losing it.

Opening the truck door, I stuck the keys in my pocket, grabbed our jackets, then carefully got out of the truck, carrying him up to the house. The door was unlocked, so I simply walked in and headed up to my room, leaving my boots by the door.

Laying Matt down on the bed, I dropped our coats in the corner, too tired to head back downstairs. Stripping off my socks, pants and shirt, I tugged off Matt's shoes and socks, but then paused. Even though we're together right now, I don't think he'd really appreciate me taking his clothes off without his permission.

Pulling the blankets down, I crawled into bed and pulled Matt against me, then tugged the blankets over us and nestling us together in a little cocoon of warm body heat. Snuggling against him, I kissed his golden mane, feeling content and happy, and just right, for the first time in a long time.

This...this right here...I don't care what anybody says, this, having Matt in my arms and mine, this is pure, unadulterated bliss.