There was something about this lady's
mesmerizing features in the spotlights.
Something left unseen, or the underlying scheme.
Her hair was wet with kisses and wine.

Dancing like a crowned queen, she
walked up to another man, covered him with kisses
of her cherry-blossomed sweetened lips;
and returned back and there was no one there.

Earring shaped like a teardrop pearl,
moving back and forth like the swing of a pendulum;
tick tock. tick tock. She was not that woman.
True self will not be revealed under the light.

Maybe she wanted something more
than just the simple, simple love—
or she might have wanted something
lesser than just a cup of wine
served in lust and desires.

Pretty, pretty lady;
on this stage illuminated by the moonlight
just what regrets are you having
as you sang that tune with sorrow
masked in fake happiness?