A/N: Thank Crystalynn for this. =] She told me she'd bite me if I didn't write.

I sighed, raking my hand through my choppy brown locks. There wasn't much to do. Granted, I had a bit of homework I could do, but…where's the fun in that? Homework is a drag. It just takes up your time. There weren't many career paths you would need to know trigonometry or physics for. Yes, it was kind of cool to know why something did the things it did, but…important? Not really. Unless you wanted to pursue some weird job, then you would need them, I guess. But most normal people didn't need the classes.

I leaned back in my chair, two legs lifting off the ground as I wobbled. Sitting in a chair the normal way was uncomfortable. This way—even though it was like a hundred times more dangerous—was much, much more comfortable. My eyes turned to the ceiling as the corners of my mouth turned downward in a scowl. One hand held me balanced on the counter, keeping me from falling over onto my back. This was the worst part of the day, the part that dragged the most. But sometimes it was fun. So far, it looked like today was just going to be boring.

I looked down again, leaning back a little farther in my chair. I looked at the computer in front of me, staring at the screen. I didn't have anything to do. My fingers slipped, the chair tipping back a little further. I tightened my grip. No need to make a complete fool of myself by falling over. Not that the others in the room didn't know I was clumsier than a new foal.

I glanced over at one of the other girls, my heart skipping a beat when she looked back at me. I had to force myself not to freak out and look away, though I did almost succeed in knocking myself over. I flashed a quick smile at her before turning back toward the computer, my body reacting in a way that drove me nuts. I felt like someone had stuck me with a syringe full of adrenaline, making my blood rush through my veins and my heart quicken. I wanted to talk to her. It was quiet in the room, the only sounds the ones of people typing or clicking. And occasionally my chair would squeak as I shifted to avoid tipping over.

I couldn't get her out of my head. Not that thinking about her was anything unusual for me lately. I thought about her all the time. Her hair, her voice, her personality. Her eyes. Her lovely, lovely eyes. Okay, so maybe I have a slight thing for people's eyes. Hers, as previously mentioned, were gorgeous. Very few people I knew had eyes that could compare in color or beauty. Maybe it was none. I'd give almost anything to have her look at me with even the slightest ounce of admiration.

I held my breath, my knee going under the table to hold me up as I reached forward to at least pretend I was doing something. I could barely focus on what I was doing. She was right there, and it drove me insane. If she knew the effect she had on me… I glanced over again, without turning my head. She wasn't looking at me this time. Part of me was disappointed, the other part relieved. I made myself focus on what I was doing. It was hard. Now that I'd started thinking about her consciously, my mind wanted to run off with those thoughts instead of actually doing what I wanted it to.

I couldn't get her eyes, the beautiful icy color, out of my head. I wanted to know what it'd be like to lean my forehead against hers and see them up close, feel her breath on my lips. To kiss her. Hell, even to hug her.

The more I thought about her, the faster my heart went. I bit my lip, trying to keep the blush off my cheeks. I'd look like a fool if I just blushed for no reason. I set all four chair legs on the ground, sighing quietly. It was going to be a long last period. Only forty-five minutes left.