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I sighed, tapping my pencil impatiently against the lab table. Physics was hell. First off, it was hard. Second, the teacher creeped me out. Third, it was hard. Fourth…my next class was with her. And seeing her was all I could think about.

Wow. I'm lame.

But honestly… I don't care. I like thinking about her. It makes me happy. Happy like the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you hold a little kitten or puppy, or when a little kid gives you a compliment that could only sound adorable coming from someone young. Or when someone you like hugs you. …you get the point. Fuzzy, warm, blah, blah, blah. Woo. Girly stuff.

I could barely pay attention to the lecture, I was so distracted. Maybe I was a little more distracted than usual. I don't know why. I just…was. We were just talking about things that weren't very relevant to what we were learning, anyway. I'd just make myself pay attention when I had to. When I didn't…I let my mind wander to her. It was worth it. Her lovely, lovely eyes… Her everything.

I looked at the clock, dreading the last half hour of class. I didn't want to sit in here for an entire half-hour longer before seeing her. It seemed like torture. Though, I should be glad I had a class with her at all. And I was. It was fun. Maybe today those of us in the room would just sit and chill around and talk. Those days were always fun.

I had to force myself to stop beating my pencil against the table. Someone was going to get annoyed with it, and it was more than likely going to end up being me. It was easy for me to get on my own nerves, which, in a way, was really odd. At least that didn't make me a hypocrite. I couldn't tell someone to stop doing something that annoyed me and then do it without annoying myself.

I shifted in the chair for what had to be the hundredth time and turned my gaze up to the ceiling, barely hearing the teacher say that we were going to watch some video for the rest of the class period. These videos always made everybody sleepy, only none of us actually slept. If we did, or if he thought we didn't pay attention, we had to write an essay over the video. Which none of us wanted to do, because they normally weren't that easy to understand. So we at least pretended to pay attention. I'd just end up spacing out, like I always do.

The teacher disappeared into his office, where the DVD player was. He fast-forwarded past the intro to the video, turning the lights out once it was where he wanted it.

I set my pencil down, the temptation to start tapping it again too great. If I had something in my hands I had to do something with it. I couldn't just hold it, much the same way I couldn't just sit and listen to someone talk. If I had to do that, I didn't get half of what they were telling me. I have to doodle to understand what was going on. Maybe that's why I was doing poorly in this class. Oh well. It was close to the end of the year; I didn't have to put up with it much longer. A low B or a high C wasn't really that bad in a Physics class, was it? I didn't think so. At least I was passing.

I tried to pay attention. Really! Just…the guy that was in all of the videos we watch was so boring. He had a monotone voice. And it was a scratchy, whiny, ugly voice. It grated on my nerves. Why couldn't he have a nice voice? ….like hers. If she was the one talking in the video, it would have my undivided attention, no questions asked. It'd be that easy to get me interested in Physics.

Wonder what this class would be like if she was in here. It'd definitely be more fun. A lot more fun. There were eighteen of us, about half of them juniors and the other half seniors, like me. With her it'd be nineteen, and our lab groups wouldn't be even, and that'd probably drive the teacher nuts, but who cares? She'd be in here. She gets along with almost everyone. I don't think too many people would protest her being in there.

The video droned on, changing from the view of the man narrating to an example that looked like it was made in Paint in about fifteen minutes. I let my mind wander back to her, wishing she'd…I don't even know. Hug me? Kiss me? Like me back? …any or all of the three, I'd be happy with.

Finally the bell rang, signaling we were free to leave the class. I slipped the pencil into my pencil bag before standing, waiting for the friend that sat at my lab table with me. We walked to the door together and then parted ways, her off to go to her locker and me slipping into the library, to drop off the things I wanted for college holding in the little room they kept us in. I dropped my stuff off at my spot, heading to my locker next to put away the things I didn't want. If I didn't need the textbook for the class I was currently in, why should I carry it around? There was no point.

I went back to the college holding room, flopping down into the chair and tipping it back like I usually did. I logged onto the computer, waiting for it to load with slight impatience. As it loaded all the desktop icons the girl I was so infatuated with came in, dropping her bag on the floor and sitting in the chair next to where she'd put the bag. She glanced at me and I smiled, getting a nodded greeting in return.

I opened up the internet explorer, opening a few different sites, none of which had anything to do with my (online) college course. I was pretty much done with it, anyway. I didn't have to log into it to do anything, so why pull the site up?

Maybe ten minutes passed in almost-complete silence, a few people talking to each other now and then. I tensed when the fire alarm went off, my fingers frozen over the keyboard.

Pushing a lock of her auburn hair behind her ear, my girl summed up the interruption perfectly in one word: "Fuck."