"Kenzie!" A scream came.

"What?" She asked, lifting her head from the bed.

The door banged open and a tall girl jumped in, her black hair falling all around her.

"Why are you just sitting there?"

"I don't know.." She sighed, laying her head back down and going back to her laptop.

"Kenzie!" The Tall girl squealed, jumping onto the bed nearly toppling over McKenzie's laptop.

"Lacey!" Kenzie screeched, catching her laptop.

"Ooh, sorry." She giggled, settling down next to McKenzie. "Whatcha doin?"

"Nothing." She mumbled, closing her laptop.

But Lacey stopped her, examining the laptop.

"Kenz…" Lacey trailed off. "You can't keep doing this."

"Doing what?" She asked, defensively.

"Doing this!" Lacey pointed to the screen.

Several emails were pulled up on the screen, the latest being dated a week ago. "You can't keep reading his emails!"

"Why not?" She screamed.

"Because he'll be back! He's not gone forever!"

"I know that!" Kenzie grumbled.

"Well, than you need to get out! Go to a party!" Lacey explained loudly.

Kenzie glowered at her friend.

"Come on, Kenzie!"

"No, Lacey, I don't feel like it." She mumbled.

"What are you going to tell him when he gets back? What are you going to tell him you've been doing since he left?" Lacey demanded, glaring at her friend.

"I-uh…" She was speechless and ashamed.

"See?" Lacey said, her eyebrows raised.

"True." Kenzie sighed.

Lacey grinned brightly. "Now let's go to a party so you'll have something to tell him when he finally calls."

Kenzie smiled slightly, a light blush brushing her face.

"Okay." She whispered.

"Good! Now let's pick out an outfit." Lacey jumped off the bed pulling Kenzie with her. Standing in front of Kenzie's closet Lacey whispered,

"It's okay. He'll call."

And he did.