Chapter 13

"Thank you so much for believing me," Maynard showed gratitude as he was positioned on the driver's seat in a jeep given to him.

"We just repaid you the favour. No betrayer would have saved us and risked life just like you did."

"Thank you again," Maynard said. "Anyway, I'd best be on my way before I start bringing bad luck to you."

"Are you sure you don't want a weapon this time? That man surely wasn't the only one they sent here."

"I know. Still, I think I have a better chance of survival without one. That way, I will look more like an authentic civilian."

"But what if there will be troops at the borders?"

"Well, I have to live with that risk."

"Fine then, I wish you good luck. May you journey be safe."

"And may you win the war."

"We will see to it."

Maynard hit the ignition and was about to drive away, but the rebel's sister rushed to them and quickly spoke something in Arabic while Maynard stopped, noticing it was concerning him.

"One last thing, my friend. My sister asks what you did so wrong that they so desperately want to see you dead?"

"I freed a child they had tortured," Maynard replied and with those words, he took his leave. The rebels waved him in a sign of goodbye and didn't stop until he was nothing but a small dot on the horizon.

Meanwhile over the seas, the news were airing.

"...terrorist attack in the middle of Paris stunned the traffic earlier this day. The explosion claimed over a hundred of lives. While many sources that wish not to be cited at this time report that suicide bombers hired by Olbian government were responsible, government remains tight-lipped as of whether it is true or not. Meanwhile, people have already began organizing protests against our engagement in Olbia. Stay tuned for more information, we will cover the story in the evening.

In other news, a scandal had blown loose after child activists uncovered an unbelievably cruel story about a small child being tortured by a government agency. The activists claim that they even acquired footage of the torture and released in on the internet.

They further state that the government was planning to stage it as an interrogation done by Olbian soldiers in order to influence the public opinion. We asked a number of government officials and they were reluctant to give out any press statement..."