I believe words to be beautiful and dangerous-- ensnaring us and holding us, lying and convincing.

I believe sometimes the truth will never be known.

I believe logic is more important than any other virtue-- even common sense.

I believe children can be more hateful than anyone remembers.

I believe in freedom-- though that word is used as a trap by so many, a way to capture, not to free.

I believe that knowledge will one day save us all.

I believe that time is relative-- in both scientific ways and in the way that a night out with friends can last a lifetime and still be far too short.

I believe I can be smart and stupid at the same time.

I believe that for all good things evil must exist as a balance-- years of experience and countless philosophy books have instilled the idea.

I believe in love.

I believe those who don't read are missing out on life-- I certainly don't know what I would do if not for reading.

I believe that racism is still prevalent in our society.

I believe in science-- both accepted theories and questioned ones.

I believe that 'family values' are used as a cover for hate.

I believe the CIA killed John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.-- Kurt Cobain was all Courtney Love's doing.

I believe video games to be just as important as sports.

I believe that inside jokes can be more funny than any stand-up comic-- and that friends can be as important as family.

I believe the moon landing was real.

I believe in quantum mechanics-- well, as much as anyone can.

I believe education should be free.

I believe Nikola Tesla to be the most brilliant man who ever lived-- brilliant and crazy, but isn't that how it goes?

I believe that authority figures should always be questioned.

I believe Socrates was the coolest man in ancient Greece-- have you read the Apology?

I believe those who hate others are insecure.

I believe a bassline can be more important than a heartbeat-- and that that words can hit harder than fists.

I believe pessimists can still be disappointed by life.

I believe history is more important than most people realize-- I've watched our country and others make the same mistakes again and again.

I believe those who claim to 'hate the sin, love the sinner' never live up to their words.

I believe we should always be willing to reexamine our own beliefs-- we can never have all the information.

I believe you never get too old to have a picnic-- and you should always bring the ham-tongs.

I believe that society holds you down even as it pulls you up.

I believe lies are not always wrong-- and that the truth can kill.

I believe that as technology brings us together, it can also tear us apart.

I believe any activity between consenting adults is just fine-- and that sixteen is older than we'd like to think.

I believe that respecting your elders is nonsense, that you should respect all people and all people should try to earn respect; age shouldn't give you a free pass.

I don't have faith in God.

I don't have faith in the human race.

I don't have faith in my country.

I don't have faith in my state.

I don't have faith in my generation.

I have faith in myself; but, more than faith, I have knowledge. I know that no matter how hard I am knocked down, I always stand up. And I know that if I can't stand on my own, I will have friends there to help me.


Inspired by Theniftygreenfish's response to similar writings. 3